The magical world of colour from Schubert

Schubert has developed its very own colour scheme for its TLM packaging machines. Just like the modular structure of the machines, this step is also aimed at offering customers high-quality equipment with distinctive design from Schubert.

In developing the new machine design, we were supported by the ‘Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder’ design agency in Schwabisch Gmund. The agency is one of Schubert’s longtime partners and has been awarded several prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Award and the German Design Award. We spoke with Max Ottenwälder about the new colour concept.

Mr Ottenwälder, together with Schubert, you developed the three colours that make up the brand’s new colour scheme. What colours did you select?

The new Schubert colour scheme consists of the three standard colours White Line, Silver Line and Magic Line. The colour scheme relates to the exterior colour of the frames.

With Magic Line, Schubert offers a colour that very uniquely reflects the quality of the TLM system. Those who opt for a machine from Schubert want to achieve ambitious goals, which no one has previously tackled. Daring, optimism and creative will – this is the vision behind Magic Line.

You also put a lot of thought into the design of the system’s interior. Talk to us about the machine’s “inner values”?

In all models, the interior colour of the machine frame is white and the technical components are silver. This colour combination enables the interior space of the system to appear bright at the heart of the machine. This is where the products run through the machine, and they are therefore the focus of attention. The light, bright colors also increase production safety, since impurities are more easily recognizable when cleaning the interior of the machine.
The silver of the fittings stands for lightness, freedom, speed and clarity. At the same time, the colour symbolises technology and the future.

What are the benefits customers enjoy with the new colour scheme?

Colour standardisation offers important advantages to customers. The new colours fit in perfectly with production hall environments – regardless of the customer’s corporate identity.

Special colours have a bearing on cost calculations for the machines. For example, it used to be necessary to have special colours on hand for spare parts and this would take up precious storage space. Standardisation allows parts, fittings and spare parts to be available more quickly. This enables us to shorten the installation time, and the TLM machine can be deployed even more quickly to package products.

…and if customers want to use their own individual special colours?

As before, customers have the opportunity to incorporate their favourite colours in the machine design. So, on request, customers can have the exterior areas of the frame, such as door profiles and cable channel panels, designed in special colours.

Thank you for the interview, Mr Ottenwälder.

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