3D printing is revolutionising packaging machine engineering

Today, 3D printing is already radically changing parts manufacturing in many industrial sectors. Schubert is also taking advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing to develop components for its TLM machines with previously impossible functionalities and features.

Gerhard Schubert GmbH regards itself as a pioneer in 3D printing in the packaging machine engineering sector. In fact, the company has been using this technology to manufacture parts since 2014 and now produces close to 20,000 parts per year using three different printing processes. 3D printing is especially well suited to the company’s requirements since its TLM systems are used to package a large number of different products from many different industries. To take on these packaging tasks, the robots are equipped with flexible tools that are most often individually adapted to the products. Thanks to 3D printing, it is possible to produce individual parts that significantly increase customer benefit, while reducing the weight of the parts as well as processing costs.

In addition to mechanical engineering companies such as Schubert, organisations such as the University of Aalen are also exploring new possibilities for the practical application of this revolutionary technology. In the following video shot on behalf of the FachPack trade fair, Marcus Schindler, Head of Parts Production, and Wolfgang Sedlak, Technical Head of Tool Design, explain the customer benefits of using additive manufacturing at Schubert.