Schubert North America

Dare Foods invites Schubert North America team to visit its Canadian Headquarters

Field Trip at Schubert North America – 40 employees visited leading snack products manufacturer in Cambridge, Canada

Dare Foods Limited, a globally leading manufacturer of healthy snack solutions such as cookies, crackers, fine breads and candy, has relied on Schubert’s TLM packaging machines since more than ten years. In two of Dare Food’s six manufacturing plants across North America, automation systems of the German company ensure smooth production processes and high flexibility. Ever since its first hand-made cookie was baked in 1892, Dare maintains its commitment to high quality products. A promise that is not only upheld there, but also in its equipment. The two companies are connected by a long-standing partnership and common grounds. Both are family-owned and employ over 1300 people. Schubert has shared Dare Foods’ path of success for many years.

The excursion to Dare Foods was part of Schubert North America’s annual team meeting.

Close cooperation between sales and customer

Prompt service & spare parts management, high quality equipment and support on site, not only during the installation, but also throughout the entire machine lifecycle are the hallmarks for the successful cooperation. When on site, Schubert Field Service Technicians describe they feel like being part of the Dare Foods family.

That is why Schubert North America team has been invited to visit Dare Foods Canadian headquarters. After receiving an inspiring company presentation and gaining insights into the successful cooperation between the two companies, the Schubert team was introduced to Dare Foods' manufacturing process and led through their entire facilities along the impressive Schubert TLM packaging line. Christian Bosse, Engineering Director at Dare Foods, highlighted that "no matter who is working on site, all Schubert employees are always going the extra mile. Sometimes I need to remind myself that they are external, because they seem very well integrated every time they are here. We can fully trust them, and we know when Schubert is on site, the job will be done excellent."

Bare paw shaped cookies packed in flowpacks

Schubert’s most recent project for Dare Foods is a packaging system for its famous bear paw shaped cookies. An important project for both companies. The packaging line is installed at a new plant in Cambridge near Toronto. In fact, this TLM machine is the largest Schubert system installed around the world. Its functionalities comprise flow-wrapping two cookies in one flowpack, placing the flow-wraps into cartons and then packaging the cartons into the final case.

As the system is quite impressive and features most of Schubert’s system components, the plant was the ideal destination for a team trip of Schubert North America. "The most interesting part was actually not to see our own machine, but the direct conversation with our customer. The entire team found out which packaging machine he needs to successfully develop his company", explains Hartmut Siegel, Chief Executive Officer at Schubert North America.

The excursion was part of Schubert North America’s annual team meeting. The US teams from Charlotte (North Carolina) and Dallas (Texas) traveled to Canada for the meeting which took place at Schubert’s Canadian office site in Toronto. Together with Marcel Kiessling, Managing Director – Sales and Service at Gerhard Schubert GmbH, the team reviewed the past year and looked into the continuous growth plans for 2020. Visiting Dare Foods was the real highlight of the entire trip.

Schubert’s most recent project for Dare Foods is a packaging system for its famous bear paw shaped cookies.