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Our heartfelt Christmas cause

Schubert regularly supports a variety of social projects – also during the Christmas and Holiday season. This year once again, Schubert is donating to the St. Rafael Children’s and Youth Support organisation in Fichtenau. The organization supports children and youths from difficult backgrounds, offering them better opportunities for the future. We have also opted to take part in a very special project: the Christmas Gift convoy campaign.

“Children helping children” – this is the motto and the idea behind the Christmas Gift campaign. Throughout Germany, children, parents and volunteers pack Christmas gifts and parcels for needy children and young people in Eastern Europe during the annual campaign. The packages are collected and delivered to their destinations in a large convoy of trucks. The entire aid project is organised and carried out on a voluntary basis by members of various German clubs – the Ladies’ Circle, the Round Table, the Tangent Club and the Old Tablers – and includes transporting them personally in a 40-tonne truck.

Karin Kleinbach (left) and Clara Brenner from Schubert Packaging Systems are delighted with the many gifts collected for the Christmas Gift convoy campaign.
Karin Kleinbach (left) and Clara Brenner from Schubert Packaging Systems are thrilled with the many gifts collected for the Christmas Gift campaign.freuen sich über die vielen Geschenke für den Weihnachtspäckchenkonvoi.

Karin Kleinbach and Clara Brenner from Schubert Packaging Systems are members of the Ladies’ Circle, and Karin Kleinbach took part in a Christmas Gift convoy two years ago. Their remarkable experiences have sparked the desire to help, donate and even pack the gifts among many Schubert employees. As many as 140,000 other parcels from all over Germany are donated – to surprise children in orphanages, hospitals, homes for the disabled, kindergartens and schools shortly before Christmas. The destinations are, for the most part, remote, rural and poverty-stricken areas in Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and the Ukraine.
“For most of the children, this package is the only Christmas present they will be receiving,” reports Karin Kleinbach. “The joy they express is hard to put into words. The gifts are often hugged lovingly before they are even unwrapped.” The campaign is actively supported by all Schubert companies in Germany. Many of our employees carefully put together parcels with gifts such as toys, clothes, school supplies and sweets. The gifts were packed with the support of colleagues and the women from the LC Crailsheim and LC Öhringen clubs. “The kids’ excitement over receiving coloured pencils, gloves and even toothpaste knows no bounds,” says Karin Kleinbach. “The warmth of the people, their hospitality and gratitude is very touching. The children’s genuine joy is a real gift.”
We are very pleased that Schubert can play a small part in making the holiday season a special time for children in need.

The children’s joy when receiving the gifts is huge.
The children’s delight with the gifts is very touching.