SSE delivers the 10,000th WK3 for TLM packaging machines

Schubert System Elektronik recently celebrated the delivery of the 10,000th WK3 tool control unit. Through the networking and status monitoring within the TLM packaging machines, tool control is a key element of Gerhard Schubert GmbH’s control technology and vital to the successful digitalisation of packaging processes.

Schubert System Elektronik GmbH in Neuhausen ob Eck is the specialist in industrial computer technology, customer-specific electronics design and state-of-the-art tool monitoring within the Schubert Group. With its high-end solutions, the company enables the transmission and analysis of key machine data to the main computer. It was with this in mind that Schubert System Elektronik developed the WK tool control unit. As an indispensable part of Schubert’s F2 robots, this gateway transmits contactless data from the robot tool to the robot and makes data available from the higher-level VMS packaging machine control system. The fifth generation of this control system today forms the basis for communication processes within Schubert’s TLM packaging machines.

All tool control unit models are still in daily use at our customers’ sites and are therefore still being produced. This ensures that customers can expand existing packaging lines at any time and rely on the availability of spare parts over the long term. “Gerhard Schubert GmbH’s TLM packaging systems are a long-term investment. By ensuring the availability of all model versions, customers can count on the optimal functionality of their machines in the long run,” explains Tobias Schlier, Business Manager at Schubert System Elektronik.

Production security through software

With the WK3, Schubert System Elektronik introduced a coding which is located on the tool’s WK module. Via this coding, the respective robot tool is given a unique designation which ensures that the right tool is used for the product to be packaged. Customers therefore benefit from increased process reliability.

With the third generation of the WK3 tool control unit, contactless transfer of power and data between the tool control on the robot arm and the counterpart on the tool was used for the first time. Therefore, when a tool is changed, no plug connections need to be opened and the changeover is much faster and safer.

The development of customer-specific components and systems is one of Schubert System Elektronik’s strengths. For the Transmodul transport robot, the company’s electronics experts developed and adapted the entire control electronics. The WK5 tool interface ensures the seamless communication between the machine components and the VMS packaging machine control system. The TLM machines’ operating modules were also developed by SSE, as well as the Schubert packaging machines’ latest Uni 6 control generation. Schubert System Elektronik is currently making a significant contribution to the successful digitalisation of the packaging machine manufacturer’s solutions through the development of the data box, which will set new standards especially in the area of predictive maintenance.