Brochure lightline Cartonpacker

lightline Cartonpacker
Broschüre lightline Cartonpacker

Preconfigured Cartonpacker for erecting, filling and closing cartons

The new Cartonpacker is part of Schubert’s lightline machine series, which enables customers to take on standard packaging tasks with a high-quality TLM machine. The key tasks of the preconfigured case packer include erecting, filling and closing cartons in the smallest space. In applications where flexibility plays a secondary role, this packaging machine stands out with lower energy consumption, shorter delivery times and lower purchasing costs.

High flexibility is not necessarily a key area of focus for all product packaging tasks. Often what is required are solutions to take on simple, standardised packaging tasks. Schubert now offers the lightline Cartonpacker for packaging, filling and closing cartons. The machine is available in four variants for different carton types: trays, display boxes, RSC cartons or wrap-arounds. Depending on the type of carton, the machine is equipped with the appropriate erecting, filling and closing tools. In view of keeping the mechanical assembly of the preconfigured Cartonpacker as simple as possible, the machine is designed to package a specific product, e.g. bags, boxes, bottles or cans. Schubert offers flexibility within the machine variant: each product type can be packed in different format variants.

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