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Preconfigured: lightline Pickerline for picking up and placing products in trays

For manufacturers who want to master packaging tasks for standardised pick & place applications with great efficiency and who value high-quality design and construction, Schubert is now offering the new lightline Pickerline. The pick & place packaging machine from Schubert’s new lightline machine series focuses entirely on placing products in trays. The preconfigured machines are scalable and adapt to the customer's performance requirements. Due to the standardised configuration, the lightline Pickerline is not only attractively priced, customers also benefit from short delivery times and fast commissioning in their production.

As part of the new machine concept, Schubert has focused the lightline Pickerline on essential pick & place tasks for packaging products in trays. At the heart of the picker line are F4 robots that pick up products from the conveyor belt and place them in trays.

The lightline Pickerline packages product formats of every kind. Whether brittle, sticky or fragile – Schubert designs the most suitable robot tool for each product. In doing so, Schubert draws on many years of experience in tool design. With new product formats, the robotic tools can be easily replaced, making the machine a future-proof investment.

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