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Dear Readers,

The year 2010 was quite a particular year for us. The year was characterized by the biggest financial crisis since World War II on the one hand, and by the most important development since top-loading machines exists on the other. Check out page 22 to read how "The Transmodule is Changing the World of Packaging Machines." All who were able to get by with 17% lower turnover, like us, could consider themselves lucky.

Anyone who didn't believe that economy has a lot to do with psychology sure does now. All our peers had full order books, and intense competition dominated the market. This makes it just the right time for my must-read article "Sustainable" on Page 18. I first had the feeling that the price competition would be advantageous for both our customers and for us, since price pressure promotes innovation and lower prices aid in surviving on the global market. Meanwhile I have great doubts since then, though, as cost pressure leads to a reduction in quality which simply is not an advantage for our customers.

Interpack is forthcoming! For me and my company, it's going to be the most interesting trade fair of our 45-year history because we're bursting with new technologies and innovations. Just one example is the transmodule, the world's first transport robot in a packaging machine. We're experiencing the beginning of a new phase, and redundant packaging machines are in the pipeline. We will also present the world’s first fully-automatic change-over of a packaging machine

New brochures will also be ready just in time for Interpack, including "TLM Packaging Machines", "Modern Packaging Machines", "Preserving Value" and "The Tour". Together, these four booklets provide good insight into the world of top-loading packaging machines and the company Gerhard Schubert GmbH.

On Page 12, I take a glimpse into the future of packaging machines and take you along on my journey through the next 40 years. Once again, Sequence 2011 is full of case studies we can learn from and then apply these improvements in your company. Reading Sequence is good, but visiting Schubert would be even better.

I'd like to make a suggestion. The next time you're planning to invest in packaging equipment, we would be pleased to welcome you in Crailsheim. We hope you enjoy reading Sequence.

Gerhard Schubert

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