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Dear Reader,

Exactly one year ago, we saw the number of incoming orders rise to twice the normal amount. In the months following last years Interpack we found ourselves in the same position again, despite being in the midst of another crisis. When I think about the crisis, I think of countries spending more than they earn.

A few years ago, I christened a 12,000 square meter assembly hall. We invited the Crailsheim town council to the event. I mentioned in my speech that I had financed the investment myself. "I'd like to be able to do that too, someday," said the financial mayor later on. He would have been able to do so, had he never borrowed money. If you're in debt, it essentially makes you unable to invest.

Let me back that up a bit. Whoever continues to lend someone money, knowing that it makes the borrower unable to invest, is being grossly negligent and should be involved in subsequently forgiving the debt of their borrower according to the law. This could have prevented a serious trouble spot.

The economy is very much to do with psychology, this was experienced up close and personal during the last crisis. You could see that people were playing a game. There were people who did not want to admit things were bad, and people who unexpectedly found themselves euphoric as things picked up (even though things "were never bad").

Despite the large volume of orders on our books, we at Schubert are able to offer moderate delivery times. The automatic configuration of TLM machines, the final assembly control panel and our assembly line for ready-to-operate sub-machines are all measures which contribute to shorter delivery times.

At this point, I have to thank all of my employees, who certainly play a major role here.

I am convinced that Schubert TLM packaging machines have since become a real bargain, and I invite you to read about this in my articles "A clear advantage in transportation: The transmodule" and "We package your product" on Pages 12 and 22, respectively.

In October of last year, we once again held a small in-house exhibition. The occasion was the production of the first TLM filling machine, a compact machine capable of everything from bottle and tube filling to final packaging to palletizing. Guests were primarily bottling companies.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading your copy of Sequence and that you stop by to visit us in Crailsheim if you're so inclined.


Gerhard Schubert

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