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Beverage packaging machine for champagne
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Continual development ensures that we always have a technological advantage which enables our customers to design their packaging processes to be ever more flexible, efficient and cost-effective. In 2012, 120 packaging lines were delivered. Schubert's principle of a simple mechanical system, intelligent control and swappable tools was applied consistently with each line.

Our latest assembly, the Transmodule, has become a real “shooting star” and is now one of the most important members of the TLM system component range. The tried-and-tested grouping chain has been almost completely replaced by flexible and product- friendly TLM-F44 grouping with optical recognition.

With the first top-loading packaging line with fully automatic tool changing, we are opening a new chapter in the history book of modern packaging machine engineering. Customers ask us time and time again how it has been possible for us to continue to be trend setters and market leaders for many decades. We think it's our passion and consistency but more importantly, our vision. We are especially proud to employ many of the best packaging machine engineers in the world, who are shaping the future together with us.

Gerald Schubert, Gerhard Schubert, Ralf Schuber

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