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Dear Reader,

in the industry, the name Schubert stands for quality, flexibility and innovation. The list of Schubert inventions seems endless. The first packaging robots in the world were presented at the Hanover trade fair in 1985. The first product-detection system, the first grouping chain, the first packaging machine controller, the first transport robot and the first fully automatic tool changer are other Schubert innovations which shaped the packaging machine market.

Many of our customers see us as a valuable partner who is ahead of our time, but we see things differently. We determine the future of packaging machine construction with our innovations. The fact that the majority of packaging machine manufacturers try to follow us on this path is a compliment and proof that we’re on the right track. Rationalising with Schubert packaging machines makes you, as a product manufacturer, even more successful. This is our mission. You’re in for a real treat with this edition of Sequence. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Gerhard Schubert, Ralf Schubert and Gerald Schubert

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