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All eyes on digitalization

Dear readers,

Last year, we began volume production of our top loading TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet. Since then, about half of all new machines we sell have this design.

The technology is new, and still unique. One word sums it up perfectly: simplicity. This simplicity makes it easier to handle the ever-increasing complexity of packaging processes, greater product variety and decreasingbatch sizes.

A few years ago, the very idea of having all your packaging processes handled by one machine alone was dismissed as unrealistic. This has now become a reality. This is ultimately due to the Transmodul, which simplifies interfaces between individual processing steps, or eliminates them entirely. In any case, reducing the number of functions of any machine should make it better.

We offer units without electrical cabinets that perfectly integrate thermoforming, sealing, punching and primary product packaging, for example, for shampoo bottles or coffee capsules. Our Flowmodul machine is a new unit for packaging products in flow-wrap bags; it is already meeting a huge demand.

In addition to machine design, we will be placing increased emphasis on the subject of digitalization and “Industrie 4.0” in the coming years. Also, is a new platform being created to improve communication, both internally and with our customers. Furthermore, we are working on service packages which will offer major benefits to our customers.

Visit the interpack fair and see our range of innovative products for yourself. We look forward to hearing your suggestions and to having an open dialogue with you. We think you will enjoy reading this current edition of Sequence.

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