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Appreciation is the best incentive

Dear reader,

We have always stood out with our capacity for innovation, the high quality standards we set for all our processes and the appreciation that we show our customers, suppliers and employees. Our most recent accolades confirm that we are on the right track with this strategy.

We are delighted to have been named “Factory of the Year 2018”, winning first prize for our very first entry into the most traditional and toughest benchmark competitions in Germany. Our long-standing business partner Ferrero also awarded us the “Partner to Grow” prize. These distinctions are both tokens of recognition and an obligation to continue developing future-oriented packaging solutions.

These include the new heat-sealing robot for the Flowmodul, the second generation of which is now being successfully used by numerous manufacturers. Enthusiastic customers are calling the flowpacking unit the best horizontal flow-wrapping machine that is currently available on the market. We are delighted with this response. The Flowmodul’s product manager is Johannes Schubert, son of Gerald Schubert and a representative of the family’s third generation, who has already been contributing to the success of our business for ten years. You can find out more about the Flowmodul on page 24.

With the new Schubert lightline machine series, we are resolutely continuing the standardisation of our modular technology. All lightline machine types are preconfigured and designed for predefined product and packaging formats. This allows us to provide an automation solution for packaging types that require less flexibility at low investment and operating costs. Read more on page 10. We are looking forward to working with you in the future!

Marcel Kiessling, Gerhard Schubert, Ralf Schubert, Peter Gabriel

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