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The future is connected

Dear readers,

Automation and digitalisation are two buzzwords that have preoccupied the packaging industry for years and which motivate us at Schubert every day. We transform a passion for innovative ideas into our own technologies, and our customers benefit directly. One of the new developments is our cobot family, which will be presented to the public for the first time at interpack 2020. Join us there! You’ll find out how the cooperative Schubert robots further automate production on page 82.

The artificial intelligence of the cobots is, of course, part of our digitalisation strategy, but there is much more to this forward-looking topic for us. We are exploring completely new ways in which the networking of data achieves real customer benefits for process flow and cost efficiency. With the parts streaming platform from Schubert Additive Solutions, we now offer a digital warehouse from which Schubert customers can print 3D parts themselves. You can find out more on page 12. Meanwhile, our GS.Gate industrial gateway is now integrated as standard into every TLM line and our grandly named digital twin, Titan, is taking shape. Read about it on pages 04 and 80.

The standardisation of the Schubert modular line is also important to us. All the more reason for us to celebrate that 32 standardised lightline machines are now with satisfied customers. Learn more about how the very first lightline ever was created at Schubert and what particular specialities it packages on page 68.

Schubert continues to be successful on the international stage, both in North America and in Asia. The flexibility of the modular Schubert lines and their high level of process reliability are particularly appealing to customers in the food industry on both continents.

We hope that our new digital solutions and robotic technologies will also inspire you. We wish you an enjoyable read.

Marcel Kiessling, Gerhard Schubert, Ralf Schubert, Peter Gabriel

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