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Target: A sustainable future

Dear Readers,

the world is upside down – who could have predicted these developments a year ago? In the packaging industry, we are currently not only facing the well-known shift to sustainable materials, we are also confronted with global climate change and the far-reaching consequences of the pandemic.

These are new and major challenges that we at Schubert are feeling just as strongly as you are. What gives us courage, however, are the strong values and identity of our employees, which have grown over decades and through which Schubert has repeatedly been able to bring ground-breaking technologies to the market. Successfully looking into the future is part of our DNA and we are building on this in the current situation. For our customers, we develop packaging technologies that continue to be masters of efficiency – and will also be masters of sustainability thanks to their great flexibility. To achieve this, we make use of everything we stand for; our know-how, our research expertise, our passion. But what we value most is the reliable and supportive partnerships with our customers.

In this issue of Sequence, you will find many examples of how we can support you in this partnership and how, together, we can set out on a journey towards a more sustainable world of packaging. For example, you will find out more about new resource-efficient packaging, our in-house packaging development and our technical solutions for the use of sustainable materials. In articles about our future technologies – Cobot, robot kinematics, digital twin and artificial intelligence – we show you how important the use of digital technology such as Big Data and neural networks is in terms of flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. Digital networking is already providing Schubert customers with 3D parts from their own printers or machine service via remote maintenance. Even trade fairs and other events are now held entirely in the digital world. And it was with this in mind that we also launched a new virtual format for you with our “Schubert4You” Web Seminar series.

We are confident and look forward to working with you on the journey towards a sustainable future.

Enjoy reading our magazine and stay optimistic!

Marcel Kiessling, Gerhard Schubert, Ralf Schubert, Peter Gabriel

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