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Vision 2050

Dear readers,

If the challenging past year has shown us one thing, it’s that economic growth alone is not enough to secure a liveable future for all of us. What is needed are new shared visions that put people and nature at the forefront – and especially with regard to business goals.

This understanding is especially important to us at Schubert. As a long-standing family-run business, we see people-oriented, considerate and sustainable corporate management not only as a social obligation, but also as something that is very close to our hearts. The packaging industry in particular, whose products are used billions of times every day all over the world, bears a great responsibility here. In this new issue of SEQUENCE, you will find out how we are now combining our previous approach with a new aspiration – our "Schubert 2050 Vision" – in order to help shape this far-reaching change.

In an interview, Marcel Kiessling and Ralf Schubert take a close look at the potential this realignment also holds for you as our customers (page 4). More detailed information on Schubert’s jointly developed sustainability strategy can be found on page 40. Johannes and Peter Schubert also have their say for the first time as third-generation family members, whose task will be to fulfil our sustainable vision over the coming years. An open mindset, cross-company partnerships and the exceptional team spirit among our employees will play a vital role for Schubert. We share with you what is already being achieved today with our expertise in digital technology, by taking a look at developments in the digital twin, robot kinematics, new digital services and an interesting portrait of our cobot team.

And speaking of the team: we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to maintain such strong partnerships with you, our customers, even in our second year of social distancing. The in-depth discussions at the few live international trade fairs held in 2021, as well as the emotional transition between our long-standing France expert Luc Jamet and his successor Charles-Antoine Freiher (page 72) showed what trusting personal relationships can accomplish in circumstances like this. Ultimately, we are not only driven by technology – far from it – but above all, by the people behind it, for whom it should enable a better life.

We very much look forward to working with you – and for you – to transform our vision 2050 into tangible, sustainable projects.

We hope that you find inspiration while reading and remain optimistic. Stay well!

Marcel Kiessling, Gerhard Schubert, Ralf Schubert, Peter Gabriel

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