Additive manufacturing

Plenty of potential
for greater efficiency

Digital warehouse Partbox with print on demand

Get the best out of 3D

With Schubert Additive Solutions, you can exploit the full potential of 3D printing: We identify the parts in your production line that are suitable for 3D manufacturing and design them all the way through to a certified print job. On our virtual platform PARTBOX, your digitally stored spare parts, tools and equipment simply wait for your print command.

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Our promises – your benefits

Fast, reliable, economical: The PARTBOX streaming platform as a virtual warehouse

  • 100% available parts
  • No waiting and delivery times
  • No storage costs and capital commitment
  • No transport and logistics risk
  • 100% cost transparency and predictability

Simply print it yourself: 3D parts directly from the PARTBOX streaming platform

  • High-level data security
  • Broad range of materials
  • Reproducible quality
  • Low investment costs
  • One supplier for all additive parts

Discover the amazing potential

Think it

“Additive thinking" is our strength: The experts at Schubert Additive Solutions analyse the potential you can exploit in your process chain by switching to 3D-printed parts. We rethink and redesign your parts for optimal additive manufacturing.

Realisation in 3D

Make it

From the idea to the finished print job: Schubert Additive Solutions handles the complete design and configuration of additive production parts, whether new or based on an existing part. The subsequent certification of the print job ensures perfect product quality.

Storage in 3D

Store it

More than just a warehouse: Schubert Additive Solutions keeps print jobs and 3D models with certified work sequences available to you on the PARTBOX streaming platform. You can take advantage of direct customer access to the data for your 3D parts.

Printing in 3D

Print it

Produce 3D parts simply by clicking: Certified print jobs can be started directly on the specially developed PARTBOX 3D printer via the PARTBOX streaming platform from Schubert Additive Solutions.

Possible applications

Versatile application possibilities

Devices and equipment

Frequently used equipment and devices can be quickly reprinted or duplicated with 3D. Ideas for new parts become real helpers in everyday working life.

Simple spare parts and wear parts

Spare parts or wear parts that were previously kept in stock or replenished in a time-consuming manner can be replaced by your digital 3D print job. Cost and time savings are guaranteed.

Automation and tools

Thanks to 3D printing, robot tools are as versatile as the automation solutions in which they operate. A single 3D tool replaces many individual parts and can be manufactured to fit any product shape.

Two simple requirements

Simple hardware

The print jobs of the PARTBOX streaming platform can be printed on demand on the PARTBOX printer.

Intelligent software

  • A web-based solution
  • Ease of use
  • No programming outlay


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