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Schubert4You – The New Web-Seminar Series

Welcome to the new web-seminars series focusing on the many advantages of Schubert’s modular packaging machines!

In each web-seminar, we will be presenting a packaging topic highlighting the unique customer benefits you can capitalise on with Schubert’s flexible packaging technology – live and interactively.
Find out how efficiently and reliably your needs and requirements can be met with our packaging systems, and how you’ll benefit from significant added value. Join the chat with your questions and take part in the surveys. All customers and interested parties are warmly welcome to participate.

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Previous events:

Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo

A step ahead in all dimensions

You missed our Schubert4You Web Seminar? No problem! Watch the recording at Canadian Packaging's "Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo" and learn from our speaker Sebastian Mayer how you’ll be a clear step ahead in all dimensions with Schubert's picker lines.

Market influencing trends in the carton and case packaging industry

Why is flexibility gaining importance for carton and case packaging?

From SKU proliferation to ever-changing consumer desires, manufacturers of baked goods, snacks and food in general, need to be ready to address industry drivers with flexible solutions for carton and case packaging. Join our Web Seminar and learn how the company Riverside Natural Foods could gain competitive advantage by investing early on in flexible end of line equipment.

Always a step ahead – with pick & place machines from Schubert

Take advantage of the most state-of-the-art technology available!

The advanced packaging solutions from Schubert are unbeatable in terms of flexibility, efficiency and product quality. In the Schubert4You Web Seminar, you will learn from practical examples how to master any type of product specification with our pick & place machines.

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Packaging into flowpacks – the web-seminar highlighting the Schubert Flowpacker

Flow-wrapping machines from Schubert: A new dimension of flexibility

Schubert’s future-proof 2-in-1 machine concept combines a picker line and a flow-wrapping machine in an exceptionally compact unit. In this web-seminar, you will learn about the unique advantages of our integrated solution.

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Simply sustainable packaging with Schubert – the Web-Seminar on sustainability

Take off with us into a sustainable packaging future!

With the right technology and expertise, you’ll be packaging sustainably faster than you ever thought possible. In this web-seminar, you’ll find out by means of real success stories how even small changes can have a big impact.

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