Packaging machines preconfigured
compact and efficient

With our Schubert lightline machine series, you can master standardised packaging tasks with great efficiency and high quality – at attractive purchase costs.

The series consists of packaging machines with preconfigured machine modules. This enables quick planning and assembly processes. A key benefit is that the packaging machines from the Schubert lightline product family are ready for use within a very short time. All machines are delivered in the high Schubert quality you expect: proven functional principles and the intelligent machine control system ensure reliable operation with high system availability over the entire lifecycle of the machine.

Benefits at a glance:

  • EFFICIENT: Preconfigured for standardised packaging tasks, high performance range
  • ATTRACTIVELY PRICED: Low investment costs, low energy consumption, future-proof investment
  • FAST: Short delivery times, reduced installation costs, fast commissioning
  • HIGH QUALITY: Highest quality availability as per proven Schubert standards

Lightline Cartonpacker

Erecting, filling and closing cartons

The Cartonpacker consists of just one module and packs products in cartons in the smallest of spaces – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a TLM system from Schubert. The preconfigured Cartonpacker, for which we can guarantee short delivery times, is ideal for packaging tasks with a limited number of packaging formats.


Lightline Pickerline

Pre-configured pick & place packaging machines

With the lightline Pickerline, we have developed a preconfigured packaging machine that is entirely designed for placing products in trays. The finished sub-machines are scalable and adapt to your specific performance requirements.


Lightline Flowpacker

For packaging products in flowpacks

The Flowpacker, which consists of preconfigured sub-machines, packages naked, already packed or trayed products in flowpacks – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a TLM system from Schubert.


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