Confectionary & Snacks


Cartoner for shelf-ready cartons and rsc cases

  • 115 packs per minute
  • Well-designed tools for gentle product handling
  • Pivoting product belt
  • 3D scanner
  • Transmodul in use


Specific custom-designed robotic tools allow a gentle product handling

Italian confectioner Bonomi uses a Schubert TLM packaging line that is as versatile as it is compact.

Puff pastry products and sponge fingers are very delicate. Gentle product handling is therefore essential for the confectioner. At the same time, high flexibility is required. This required the development of a tool that picks flowpacks in a way that does not risk damage to the baked goods inside them. In addition, products in different flowpack sizes need to be packed in different orientations: lying flat, standing upright on the short side and standing upright on the long side.


Flexible product orientation

The TLM packaging line for Bonomi carries out the final packaging process for products packed in flowpacks in varying sizes of 135, 200, 400 and 500 grams, either in shelf-ready cartons or pre-glued RSC cases. Schubert achieves this by combining a pivoting product belt, custom-designed robotic tools and an intelligent control. In this way, the flowpacks can be grouped and put in their final packaging in different orientations in the shelf-ready cartons.

The customer immediately saw the advantages of the TLM technology, which combines standard components, simple mechanics and intelligent control.

Antonino Lanza

Sales Engineer at Schubert

Technical Details

Less electronic parts, easier maintenance

Schubert has created a compact packaging machine with three sub-machines. On the product infeed conveyor, a Schubert 3D scanner detects the position of the packs and supplies this information to the two F4 robots, which pick up the products in the first sub-machine and pre-group them on the conveyor. A crucial advantage in the next step is the ability to pivot the product belt. If products are packed upright, the product belt is oriented such that an F2 loading robot can pick up the product arrays in the correct orientation and place them into the cartons. Erecting of the bases is assured by the interaction of an F3 transfer robot and an F2 robot. In the third sub-machine, an F2 robot takes the lid blanks out of the magazine and closes the cartons. This allows the line to achieve an output of up to 115 packs per minute.

  • Compact cartoner with only three sub-machines
  • Packaging of products in flowpacks in sizes of 135, 200, 400, 500 g, either in shelf-ready cartons or pre-glued RSC cases
  • Pre-grouping with different orientations
  • Lower maintenance costs and less complexity with TLM machines without control cabinets

Bonomi is one of the first customers to use the latest generation of machines without control cabinets.

Final packaging into different carton types. Shelf-ready cartons are erected and loaded as well as pre-glued RSC cases.

Vacuum grippers handle the fragile products as carefully as possible. In the background, the product belt can be seen pivoting for the purpose of grouping.

Sfogliatine are just one of the typical Italian baked products for which the company is known far beyond the country’s borders.