Break-proof, flexible packaging of bottled functional drinks with a bottle packaging machine

Elegant design and sophisticated packaging reflect the high product quality.

Several boxes filled with bottles are conveyed one after the other in the bottle packaging machine.

Schubert and TCI jointly designed break-proof packaging for the functional drinks.

The bottle packaging machine erects the carton blanks without damaging the glossy surface.

Customised robot tools handle the sensitive products exceptionally gently in the machine.

Several bottles are picked up simultaneously by a robot with customised tools in the bottle packaging machine.

The compact TLM machine currently packages two bottle sizes into three packaging formats.

For each box, all bottles are inserted simultaneously by the bottle packaging machine.


Functional drinks from different brands packed in a variety of unbreakable packaging

TCI relies on robot-supported automation of its packaging processes with a bottle packaging machine

For the urgently required expansion of automation in production, TCI, one of the leading international ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) contract manufacturers, opted for a compact bottle packaging machine from Schubert. It ensures outstanding product protection even at high process speeds and can package a wide variety of products and formats. For the first time, an absolutely break-proof, new type of packaging is also being used, which the manufacturer developed together with Schubert for the sensitive products in glass bottles.

The Taiwanese company is known worldwide for the production of functional wellness beverages, liquid collagen products and cosmetic serums. Due to its continuing success, the company recently invested more heavily in the automation of production and packaging processes. In addition to the highest quality requirements, the focus was also on the outstanding process speed of the automated production line. In the search for a suitable solution, a further consideration was the entire logistics, which also had to be optimised. It is important to be aware of the fact that conditions in Asia can quickly become quite harsh during the final delivery of goods. This is because traditionally, cartons are often transported to the truck using a human chain. Sometimes, individual crates can be dropped on the ground risking damage to the high-quality packaging and the glass bottle products contained inside.


How does the solution meet the requirement?

Flexible, compact bottle packaging machine impresses on all counts

The decision was finally made in favour of a highly flexible TLM machine from Schubert, which stood out with its exceptionally compact, modular system concept. For maximum flexibility, the packaging process currently switches between upright or horizontal packaging depending on the size of the products packed in glass bottles. The smaller 50 ml bottles are grouped upright in special trays and secured with an upper tray. The larger 750 ml bottles, on the other hand, are packaged horizontally. By using customised format attachments, the new bottle packaging machine also guarantees exceptionally gentle handling of the sensitive products. This way, the polished glass surfaces are no longer scratched or otherwise damaged during the packaging process. Additionally, the packaging is absolutely unbreakable during shipping. Together with TCI, Schubert designed special trays that ensure this high breaking resistance. The packaging machine manufacturer was also involved in the development of further packaging for TCI’s functional drinks.

Packing not only bottles – but also other formats in the future

Moreover, the bottle packaging machine can be easily adapted to future tasks such as packing other formats and products. This flexibility plays a special role for TCI, as the products need to be packed in a variety of ways for different brands. Another advantage was the streamlined appearance of the Schubert machine: The superior design and elegant appearance also communicate the high quality standards of TCI products to the outside world – something that TCI intends to capitalise on in view of building customer loyalty in the future. By investing in this innovative TLM machine, Schubert is also enabling a significantly more efficient packaging process for TCI that can keep pace with the ODM manufacturer’s ongoing international growth.


  • An impressively compact and modular system concept
  • High product variability due to upright and horizontal packaging
  • Elegant system design for optimal external impact and customer loyalty


"It was especially important that we would be able to use the bottle packaging machine to package further formats and other products without any problems in the future."


High product protection when packing the bottles

The functions of the new bottle packaging machine include erecting the cartons, inserting plastic trays (below and above the bottles), pre-grouping the bottles, and filling and closing the cartons. The bottle packaging machine achieves all this in the smallest space and with high-level efficiency. The use of the Transmodul transport robot ensures outstanding flexibility for the entire TLM machine. With the customised format attachments, the system can be loaded with a wide variety of different products, so that a wide range of formats can be packed on a single machine. Furthermore, the system can guarantee reliable, sensitive and gentle handling of the fragile glass bottles and refined packaging by the robots used.

The large bottle is packed horizontally instead of vertically

The new Schubert machine at TCI currently packs two different bottle sizes (50 and 750 millilitres) with extreme flexibility. These are packaged in three different formats with eight, ten or twelve small bottles per packaging unit and one 750 ml bottle per carton. The bottle packaging machine achieves an output of 400 units per minute for 50 ml bottles and 100 units per minute for 750 ml bottles. The smaller bottles are grouped upright in special trays and secured with an upper tray. Together with the trays, the bottles are then safely placed in a carton. A vertical packaging process was originally planned for the large bottles, but this could not be implemented in combination with the planned break-proof packaging. This is how the idea of packing the bottles horizontally came to be. Plastic trays are also used for these bottles, consisting of two halves and positioned in the carton from below and above. This effectively protects the glass bottles that are otherwise at risk of damage. Individually manufactured tools and state-of-the-art robot technology ensure that the popular products are handled gently during the packaging process to prevent scratches or other damage.

  • Newly developed, break-proof packaging for glass bottles
  • 8, 10 or 12 small 50 ml bottles per unit, one 750 ml bottle per carton
  • Output of 400 units per minute for 50 ml bottles
  • Output of 100 units per minute for 750 ml bottles
  • Transmodul in use

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