Confectionary & Snacks



  • Extremely careful handling of delicate products
  • High performance with the specified compact installation volume
  • Good machine accessibility


High speed and precision with a constant high output rate

The Belgian Specialist Baker Destrooper-Olivier relies on Schubert technology to pack biscuits into plastic trays.

For its award-winning almond thins, the company was looking for a packaging solution that would not only guarantee a high level of efficiency, but also handle the fragile biscuits with care. In addition, the line had to be compact. The spatial conditions in the production hall defined the exact requirements for height and length of the packaging machine. With its custom-designed robotic tools in combination with its modular TLM technology, Schubert was quickly able to convince its new Belgian customer of the effectiveness of its solution.


Compact and high-performanceKompakt und leistungsstark

The compact design of the TLM packaging machine without control cabinet and the installation of three F4 robots within a single frame allowed Schubert to find a solution to this tricky packaging task. This made it possible to achieve the required high speed and precision while maintaining optimum accessibility.

The line consists of four sub-machines and places the biscuits in three different tray sizes. Since all components for this installation are produced by Schubert, an optimum interconnectivity is guaranteed. The result: outstanding reliability and cost-effectiveness, in particular due to the energy-saving control unit of the packaging machine without cabinet.

The customer can automate its packaging tasks via a user-friendly control unit with virtually no operational issues. Only one employee is required to operate the line. Size changes can be completed within 10 to 15 minutes.

The compact design of our TLM packaging machine without control cabinet and the installation of three F4 robots within a single frame allowed us to achieve the required high speed and precision.

Georg Koutsogiannis

Project Manager and Distribution Manager for Benelux at Schubert

Technical Details

Compact, precise and high-performance

In the first sub-machine, an F3 robot unstacks the plastic trays from the magazine and places them into the flight chain for transport to the subsequent sub-machines. There, pick-and-place robots load the trays with the baked goods. The products are currently packed in three different tray sizes with three to four compartments.

The individual biscuits are carefully separated by using a spreader belt before the scanner detects their exact position on the belt. The nine F4 robots are controlled by using these position data. This ensures that the pick-and-place robots take the individual products exactly in the centre with a vacuum suction pad and place them gently in the respective tray cavities.

  • One product size, three tray sizes
  • Nine F4 robots placed in a row, three per sub-machine
  • Products picked up individually
  • Size change within 10 to 15 minutes
  • Only one person required for operation

The Destrooper-Olivier packaging machine ensures high performance within a specified compact installation volume in the production area.

F4 robots are at the heart of the Destrooper-Olivier pick-and-place installation. A total of nine units are used in all.

A scanner ensures that each suction pad picks up a biscuit in the centre, ensuring that the product is gently placed into the tray and without damage.

Destrooper-Olivier offers the biscuits of its “Almond Thin” product line in three different tray formats: with two, three or four compartments.