More batch sizes and more flexibility in packaging

The brand with the unmistakable staging: Schubert supplied the new system in the distinctive Jägermeister colours.

The flexible TLM system, adapted to the new packaging concept, replaces the previous manual repackaging of small bottles fully automatically and precisely.

The continuous fixing of the cartons on the individual Transmoduls ensures that the product and the striking sales carton are not damaged during packaging.

The new TLM system can pack the “Mini Meisters” quickly and flexibly in batches of 24, 9 and 10.


Packaging spirits with high-level flexibility in ‘plastic free’ sales and shipping cartons

Jägermeister automates and invests in new outer packaging without film

In order to meet the growing global demand for its “Mini Meisters”, premium liqueur manufacturer Jägermeister replaced manual repackaging with a highly flexible TLM system from Schubert. It now packs the small bottles fully automatically in an innovative outer packaging that requires no plastic and offers real added value at the POS with the option of all-round printing.

Until now, the 20-millilitre bottles of the “Mini Meisters” were manually repacked outside of online production in cardboard trays with shrink film. In the course of the changeover, Jägermeister also wanted to use a new practical packaging that is optimised for automated packaging processes while presenting the brand in a highly distinctive manner at POS.

Additionally, the increasing sales of the popular herbal liqueur pushed the logistics at the Mast-Jägermeister SE site in Kamenz, Saxony, to its limits. Rapidly changing market requirements could not be met with the existing equipment. In addition to the need for modern, visually appealing packaging, there was also a desire for a faster process with more flexibility in terms of batch sizes.


How does the solution meet the requirement?

A robot-guided packaging process

To ensure the required high degree of precision when packing the striking sales cartons, Jägermeister uses a robot-based, flexible TLM system with a Transmodul section at its heart. From erecting to loading and closing, the cartons are fixed to the individual Transmoduls throughout the entire process. Despite the high throughput of 750 bottles per minute and high product tolerances in the small bottle area, this ensures that the product and packaging are not damaged. The TLM system is optimally adapted to the new packaging concept and Jägermeister’s future market requirements. The containers are now sold quickly and in attractive wrap-around cartons – without any plastic at all.

The system is also a sight to behold

Because there are regular tours offered at the production site, it was not just the packaging but also the machine that had to catch the eye. Schubert supplied the new system in the distinctive Jägermeister colours. This means that it blends in well with the existing line and fits in perfectly with the herbal liqueur’s brand image.

At a glance

  • High precision with high throughput
  • Flexible packaging formats without plastic
  • Attractive appearance and brand staging

Added value

“We have every reason to be proud of this packaging solution and the commitment of our team in Kamenz in developing it.”

Technical Details

Unique flexibility and compactness

The system at Jägermeister consists of a total of four compact TLM frames. The bottles are already filled, closed, labelled and correctly oriented when they arrive at the pre-grouping stage of the line. For this purpose, they are transferred from the bulk to a grouping chain by an F2 robot. After grouping into the desired batch size and formation, another F2 robot places the group of bottles into one of the previously erected sales boxes. The secure fixing of the attractive sales cartons on the Transmodul ensures that the product and packaging are not damaged despite the high throughput of 750 bottles per minute and the large product tolerances in the small bottle area. The filled cartons are then glued and sealed after a completeness check. In three further process steps, this is followed by transfer, pre-grouping and packing into the shipping cartons, which are also set up beforehand. For this purpose, an F2 robot places the sales boxes in the shipping cartons. Another F2 robot closes them and transfers them to the outfeed conveyor. The TLM system can be converted to the various packaging sizes extremely quickly and easily. It therefore offers a unique level of flexibility and compactness in this high-performance range.

Overall performance
  • Bottles with 20 ml into packs of 24, 9 and 10
  • Output of 750 bottles per minute
  • All-round printable packaging without plastic
  • Transmodul in use

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