From Idea to turnkey project

Schubert-Consulting supports its customers from theoretical planning to implementation and production with the finished system.

Schubert-Consutling supports its customers in project planning

Industrial production is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. Producers from the food and beverage industry, cosmetics manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are adapting production to their customers’ cycles and in line with customer requests, down to batch sizes of one. Added to this are current trends such as digitalisation, e-mobility and the need to reduce time to market.

Implementing these industry trends is done by networking higher-level systems, such as SAP, MES and ERP, and designing new systems and planning concepts. In the retail sector, current requirements are responded to by quickly implementing mixed palette, products in shipping cartons or customised product packaging. Concurrently, entire packaging centres are being restructured or new logistics concepts are needed in order to meet customer demand quickly and efficiently. In the packaging sector, these requirements are reflected in the form of white label, white carton, bluetooth technology and RFID.

Michael Graf, Director Consulting at Schubert-Consulting

The engineering office with the packaging experts

Analysing these industry trends and working out what actions are needed require a substantial commitment of resources from the customer as well as specialist knowledge spanning a number of different sectors, such as automation, intralogistics or IT system networking. This is where Schubert Consulting comes in: The team of experts in this business unit of Schubert Packaging Systems supports its customers in a wide range of different projects through all the different phases – from theoretical planning to implementation and production with the finished system, and from the individual product line right the way up to the factory layout and greenfield projects.
As a consulting expert, Schubert Consulting offers market-orientated planning and new approaches.

“We support our customers through complex procedures – and ensure that they bring the highest quality product to their customer”, says Michael Graf, Consulting Director at Schubert Consulting. To that end, the company offers a comprehensive consultancy and planning approach at the start of a project and creates a concept that serves as a decision-making tool for the approval of internal Projects.

Market-orientated implementation

As the project develops, machine and system manufacturers are brought on board. With its market-orientated approach to handling individual projects with a variety of suppliers, Schubert Consulting can offer its customers a broad spectrum of solutions.

With factory planning (so-called Greenfield Projects), Schubert Consulting is not just supporting its customers in the final packaging sector. The requirements include the planning of a new packaging system, as well as complete space and logistics planning, with the integration of the lines within the newly designed production areas. Implementation takes place by preparing and evaluating the production scenarios, risk assessments, line layouts, production planning and feasibility studies. As a consequence, the customer obtains a complete concept for internal project approval.

By using Schubert Consulting, manufacturers from a wide range of industries can focus on their core competencies – whether that is baking biscuits, brewing beer or developing medicines.

Michael Graf sums up the benefits of Schubert Consulting’s range of services: “Customers appreciate Schubert Consulting for the quality of our work, our timeliness, our problem-solving expertise, our new perspective on projects and our experience of over 50 years in the final packaging sector through the Schubert brand”.

Facts and figures

  • In total, Schubert Consulting has already handled over 80 projects for 50 customers.
  • Schubert Consulting generates most of its turnover in the food industry, followed by the pharmaceuticals, confectionery, cosmetics and beverages industries.
  • Schubert Consulting consistently shows evidence of its expertise in the market and has already received many awards: Best of Consulting 2016 (“Wirtschaftswoche” magazine); Top Consultant 2015; Service Provider of the Year 2014 (Baden-Württemberg)

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A customer uses Schubert's digital 4YOU services, which are integrated into the new customer portal, via his laptop.

Everything digitally under control, including machine analysis

Functional, clear and multifaceted: Schubert customers now have everything under control with the new customer portal. At the interpack 2023 and for the very first time, Schubert’s service division showed how companies can best use and benefit from the portal, from purchasing to production to maintenance. The Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.

The Schubert customer portal uses a clear menu to guide the user to the packaging machine data.

New digital customer portal including machine analysis

Functional, clear and multifaceted: With the new customer portal, Schubert customers now have everything under control. At the interpack 2023, Schubert Service will present how companies can ideally use and benefit from the portal – in all areas ranging from purchasing to production and maintenance. Schubert’s Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.