From the field: Custom-tailored service packages for customers

Pick your own service: That’s the idea behind Schubert’s new 4YOU service portfolio. Two practical examples show how custom-tailored service packages to suit different requirements can be put together for Schubert customers from our technical and digital service portfolio.

A small German confectionery producer

The modules in the service portfolio result in optimal production performance with transparent costs. For example, for a German confectionery producer, two different products are packaged there with the help of a new Schubert machine.
The small family business has a long-established regular staff. To familiarise machine operators with the new technology in the packaging machine, they are provided with training from Schubert experts that is specially tailored to their level of knowledge. In addition to the basic machine functions, the training also includes switching between formats. Additionally, the company’s technical department is trained in two stages on the line’s central operating control – the packaging machine control (VMS).

The right service for a one-shift operation

Production takes place Monday through Friday with a shift from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. – within the standard working hours. The Schubert Service Team can always be reached during the shift in the event of any service requirements and the company does not need a special flat-rate contract. The line’s operating times remain relatively low due to the single-shift operation, so that an annual inspection and maintenance of the line is sufficient. However, there is little time available for machine maintenance during production because the maintenance team is quite small. As a result, the company wants to keep its own share of service as low as possible.
The service package for the family business therefore includes the availability of the Service Expert Centre for one shift, an annual inspection and maintenance of the packaging line, operator training and a two-stage training course on packaging machine control. The line is also equipped with the GS.Gate industrial gateway as standard, which offers the possibility of digital data analysis and OEE optimisation with the CARE Digital Services in the future.

An international pharmaceutical group

The service requirements are much more extensive in the case of an internationally operating pharmaceutical group. The global player’s new high-tech packaging line processes 12 different formats. Schubert’s Transmodul transport robot plays a key role within the relatively complex processes. It seamlessly connects all packaging steps in a single line. Another key Schubert technology in the line is the Flowmodul flow-wrapping unit, which packs the pharmaceutical products into flowpacks using a secure and highly reliable sealing process.
The manufacturer produces its pharmaceutical products just-in-time from Monday through Sunday in two shifts. The company relies on excellent accessibility of the Service Expert Centre to ensure absolute all-round production reliability, even in a two-shift operation and at weekends. Due to the packaging line’s extensive number of operating hours, more frequent inspection and maintenance is required. The manufacturer also wants to ensure the Transmodul’s operational capability, which is so important for the packaging process.

Training for an expert technical support team

The pharmaceutical producer’s large maintenance team has extensive technical expertise and the drive to carry out a significant proportion of the maintenance work itself. To this end, the group’s technical department receives separate training from Schubert experts on the packaging machine control system (VMS) and the Flowmodul flow-wrapping unit.
The machine operators, on the other hand, change more frequently, which makes regular training necessary. Schubert offers a train-the-trainer concept to cushion these personnel changes within the company: An in-house trainer is trained at the pharmaceutical company, who independently trains new operators and therefore compensates for possible changes in the machine operator team.
In summary, the service package for the pharmaceutical group includes the following: extended support from the Service Expert Centre for two shifts, semi-annual inspection and maintenance of the line, and a Transmodul package with readily available replacement robots for the Transmodul line. The services also include a two-stage training course on packaging machine control, a training course on the Flowmodul and training for the customer’s in-house trainer using the train-the-trainer concept.

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