From the field: Machine optimisation thanks to digital services

Used correctly, Schubert’s CARE Digital Services can significantly improve machine efficiency: Through troubleshooting via data analysis, a soft drink manufacturer’s packaging line is now once again operating at high capacity.

If a packaging machine is not performing as expected by the customer, the search for the error sources begins. In the case of a large, high-tech line, however, this is far from easy, as the interaction of individual machine components isn’t a linear process, but rather a networked communication process. The machine data supplied by the GS.Gate industrial gateway from the Schubert machines is so extensive that the customer, as well as the service experts accessed via the customer portal, can carry out comprehensive data analysis with the CARE IIoT READY and CARE ANALYTICAL digital services.

The evaluation identifies in which machine sections the deviations from standard parameters are taking place. Subsequently, the experts can investigate in greater detail where the error originated, for example, in the case of a robot’s abnormal values. This enables performance losses to be narrowed down on the screen before a service team goes to the machine in production. This makes troubleshooting much faster and more cost-effective.

Narrowing down the faults on screen

In this case, the frequent machine downtimes and the loss of performance had several causes, for the most part mechanical. One very noticeable loss was in the Transmodul track, which was not operating at its usual level. The Transmodul seamlessly connects the individual process steps in the line and is therefore key to high performance. Here, too low a voltage for the transport robot was reported in the customer portal, whereby the individual Transmoduls did not have sufficient current to run reliably. On site, it turned out that glue was dripping onto the track due to a defective nozzle, affecting the contact between the robot vehicles and the rail track. Additionally, the temperature at another glue nozzle was too high. The very low-viscosity glue not only dampened the boxes, but also the Transmodul section. This fault could be rectified by replacing the defective components and adjusting the glue pattern.A second finding from the customer portal data related to the machine’s equipment. Via the jam message on the outfeed conveyor, it became clear that too many cartons were being discharged due to missing products. This was because the two feeders into the line were not loaded evenly enough. Performance losses also occurred here, which could be remedied with the help of the fault analysis. Other disruptive factors, such as robots losing products when transferring them to the cartons, could also be narrowed down on the monitor and remedied during the on-site appointment by replacing previously provisionally repaired components with new original components.

Direct feedback in the customer portal

The on-site service team and analysis team work closely together to achieve an end-to-end satisfactory solution for Schubert customers: After the service work on the machine, the data experts can immediately see in the customer portal what a specific measure has achieved. This way, a drop in performance in the packaging machine can be dealt with from both sides, so to speak, and the customer has an operational machine again more quickly thanks to the CARE Digital Services. The data analysis with the Schubert team was also worthwhile for the beverage manufacturer: The line now packs the small beverage pouches into the cartons much faster and more reliably. The customer would no longer want to do without daily access to the data in the customer portal with the two IIoT READY and CARE ANALYTICAL services. The technicians evaluate the system on a weekly basis and remain in close contact with the Schubert Service Team so that they can continue to monitor the results.

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