More efficient processes with digital services

The more digitalised packaging machines become, the more data is generated during operation. With targeted digital services, this wealth of data turns into currency for manufacturers and operators. Schubert, the packaging machine manufacturer, continues to expand its service portfolio with this in mind. With the company’s new digital CARE services, packaging processes both inside and outside the machine can be optimised to save resources and costs.

Uwe Galm, Director Customer Services at Gerhard Schubert GmbH since 2020, is introducing the new portfolio: “Our 4YOU services are now clearly divided into technical and digital services. Within the digital area, with the CARE (Connection for Analytics, Reporting and Efficiency) product family, we offer various complementary and stand-alone service packages with which our customers can record and specifically evaluate their machine data in the customer portal.” This is because digital data is the new currency in the packaging process, also and especially in the key area of service: Detailed and configurable analyses make processes inside and outside the Schubert line easier to understand, while revealing the potential for greater efficiency. “If the results are used optimally, production output can be increased significantly and in the long term,” explains the Director of Customer Services. “As required, we advise our customers comprehensively and support them throughout line and process optimisation.”

Customised services

According to Uwe Galm, customer-oriented, individually tailored services are key to all services, whether technical or digital. The Schubert service implements this by means of a unique approach, which can be summarised as a three-phased cycle “Understand – Personalise – Improve”. “It is important for us to really understand the customer," highlights Uwe Galm. “This is why we always conduct an up-to-date assessment of the customer’s situation and compare it with their objectives. Only then do we put together a customised service package from our service portfolio, which then becomes part of our contract, the 4YOU Agreement.” This package is regularly reviewed in terms of the current customer situation and adjusted as required. With its comprehensive 4YOU Services, Schubert continues to support its customers throughout the entire machine life cycle – from project planning and the start-up phase through to production, as well as during conversions, machine relocations and end-of-life management. Of course, the Service Center with a contact for all enquiries, as well as custom-tailored training, are still part of the range of services offered.

Digital data as the basis for new services

The new digital CARE services reflect the technological evolution of the machines: With the GS.Gate industrial gateway, the customer portal and the PARTBOX 3D platform, which are already in use, Schubert has developed its own digital technologies. The Titan digital twin will represent another big step in this direction. Uwe Galm casts a glance into the future: “We want to network the technologies in a meaningful way in view of efficiently using the digital data as a basis for entirely new services. From our perspective, this is the service of the future, from which our customers greatly benefit.”

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A customer uses Schubert's digital 4YOU services, which are integrated into the new customer portal, via his laptop.

Everything digitally under control, including machine analysis

Functional, clear and multifaceted: Schubert customers now have everything under control with the new customer portal. At the interpack 2023 and for the very first time, Schubert’s service division showed how companies can best use and benefit from the portal, from purchasing to production to maintenance. The Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.

The Schubert customer portal uses a clear menu to guide the user to the packaging machine data.

New digital customer portal including machine analysis

Functional, clear and multifaceted: With the new customer portal, Schubert customers now have everything under control. At the interpack 2023, Schubert Service will present how companies can ideally use and benefit from the portal – in all areas ranging from purchasing to production and maintenance. Schubert’s Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.