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Fast and reliable: Format changes in Schubert’s pick & place machines

In a pick & place machine from Schubert, a robot tool is changed in just a few steps.

Flexibility is built into Schubert’s modular packaging machines right from the word go. This is why a format change can also be carried out very easily in the pick & place machines. A few simple steps are all it takes to change robot tools and format parts. The rest is taken care of by the Schubert control system.

pick and place machine

Manufacturers who need to process a large number of formats due to market conditions are therefore especially well positioned with pick & place machines from Schubert.

Plug & play is the philosophy behind the format changes in all Schubert packaging systems. This also applies to pick & place machines and greatly simplifies the daily work of machine operators. Robot tools and format parts can be changed with simple hand movements and without in-depth knowledge of the machine. The format parts are designed so that nothing needs to be set or adjusted. In the tray destacker, they are also equipped with an RFID chip and coded. The packaging machine recognises the coding and only starts if the parts of the tray destacker have been changed correctly. Once the program for the new format has been selected on the operating panel, the control system automatically adjusts all other parameters, for example in image processing. After the changeover, the picker line is ready to start up immediately with the best packaging quality.

Manufacturers who need to process a large number of formats due to market conditions are therefore especially well positioned with pick & place machines from Schubert. Not only is their outstanding versatility convincing – up to 50 formats and more are feasible in a single picker line – but also the exceptionally reliable and fast format changeover between the different products and packages. This even applies to the use of sustainable materials: At Schubert, pick & place machines can switch from plastic trays to cardboard trays and back again, without any costly modifications.

pick and place tool with bayonet lock

The pick & place tools from Schubert are mounted by a bayonet lock and can be exchanged quickly.

Pick & place machines with a built-in flexibility guarantee

The sooner the packaging machine manufacturer is involved in the planning of a new line, the more effectively packaging, formats and robot tools can be coordinated. The picker lines’ format parts and robot tools are designed individually for each customer and each product. This guarantees gentle handling even for sensitive and fragile products. If possible, the experts can also revise and optimise the desired packaging together with the customer. More uniform packaging dimensions can reduce the number of format parts and the frequency of changeovers, among other things – making the entire packaging process more efficient and cost-effective. Behind this is a tool strategy that is just as modular as the Schubert machines themselves: Depending on the customer’s requirements, various interchangeable tools and 3D-printed interchangeable parts with bayonet locks are used on the pick & place robots.

Smaller tool units can also be designed as 3D parts for self-printing via the Schubert PARTBOX.

Additional interchangeable layers and 3D parts for self-printing

With additional exchangeable layers in the tool, which are located closer to the product, Schubert customers benefit from further advantages. Especially these small tool units are ideal for format parts from the 3D printer, as they can be produced inexpensively and in a very short time. This is of particular interest to manufacturers with constantly evolving new formats and industries with very short time-to-market. Customers who also have their own 3D printer in production can easily produce parts themselves via Schubert’s PARTBOX part streaming platform using a certified print job.

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25 years of pick & place machines from Schubert – with unmatched versatility to take on any packaging task

700 pick and place machines in operation worldwide, 30,000 customised tools and 25 years of expertise – Schubert is the leading manufacturer of pick & place machines, with the longest experience and most extensive know-how in this field. Since 1995, the manufacturer’s pick & place machines have been used as robot-assisted picker lines and, thanks to in-house optical image processing, have successfully packed virtually any product fully automatically in almost any conceivable consistency.