Supplier League: Schubert awards partner companies in the region

Oliver Palmert, Head of Supply Chain Management at Gerhard Schubert GmbH, holds the glass award for the winners of the Supplier League.

As a family-run company and leading manufacturer of packaging machines, Gerhard Schubert GmbH is committed to sustainability and forward-looking action for future generations. An important component of the company’s Mission Blue sustainability strategy is collaboration with regional suppliers. Five of them were recently honoured by Schubert for their outstanding performance last year with the “Supplier Award”. Procurement time and reliability played a key role in the assessment.

In the so-called “Supplier League”, Schubert measures its suppliers against competitors who offer the same range of goods and evaluates them using a point system. The benchmark for exceptional performance is primarily a procurement time and availability of high-quality materials and parts within a maximum of 3-4 weeks. Oliver Palmert, Head of Supply Chain at Gerhard Schubert GmbH, knows how much this means for companies: “Especially in the current market, where supply bottlenecks and shortages of raw materials are commonplace, extremely punctual and reliable delivery can never be taken for granted. It calls for steadfast discipline, which Schubert continuously works on with its partners to permanently improve the joint customer-oriented procurement strategy within the supply chain.”

The glass supplier award is held in the camera by Oliver Palmert.

Oliver Palmert, Head of Supply Chain Management at Gerhard Schubert GmbH, with the glass trophy presented to the winners of the Supplier Award.

The Schubert “Supplier Award” – a coveted distinction

Those who achieve the ambitious goals are honoured with the coveted Schubert “Supplier Award”. The first-place awards in the respective product groups for 2022 were given to the following suppliers:

  • Walter Ohr Frästechnik, for the machining product groupHofmann Blechbearbeitung GmbH, for the sheet metal working product group
  • ADS Drehservice GmbH, for the plastics product group
  • Grau und Wagenblast GmbH & Co.KG, for the surface product group, and
  • layer manufactory GmbH, for the 3D printing product group.

In addition to receiving a certificate and a glass trophy, all employees of the winning companies are invited by Schubert to a hearty breakfast. Oliver Palmert highlights: “This gesture is very important to us in order to recognise the special achievements of those who also work for us outside Schubert at supplier companies. Some of these people have been working closely with us for several decades and are key contributors to our successful company.” The award is also widely recognised in the industry. Suppliers are therefore free to publish their certificate on their communication channels and advertise with it.

The Supplier League certificate is awarded to the winners from various categories, shown here is the machining product group.

1st place in Schubert’s Supplier League – a coveted award. As an example, here is the certificate for Walter Ohr Frästechnik, in the machining product group.

Collaboration with regional suppliers within the framework of “Mission Blue”

The Suppliers’ League has a special status not only for the participating companies, but also for Schubert – also when it comes to the topic of sustainability. Marcel Kiessling, Managing Director Sales/Service at Gerhard Schubert GmbH explains: “As part of our Mission Blue sustainability initiative, we have defined specific sustainability goals and fields of action. One of these is climate-neutral production at Schubert. A key factor in achieving this is reducing our CO2 balance, i.e. our ecological footprint. In addition to the many measures we are taking to achieve this, we rely on local suppliers, because regional supply chains shorten transport routes and protect the environment. For us, value creation is generated as close to home as possible.”

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Last year, Automation UK took place for the first time in Coventry, England. As a result of its resounding success, the trade fair for automation and robotics is now entering its second round – and will be taking place this year on 18 and 19 June. Schubert UK Ltd will, of course, be participating once again. Schubert’s UK sales location was not only an exhibitor last year, but it is also a co-founder of Automation UK. In the CBS Arena at Stand F10, the British team, led by Mark Stepney, will be providing information on the Germany-based company’s latest highly flexible, efficient, and resource-saving solutions for packaging products of all kinds and from all sectors. This year, visitors to the Schubert stand will have an opportunity to view a tog.519 cobot live and in action. At Automation UK, the mobile robot will be demonstrating how it can pick & place unsorted products at speeds of up to 90 cycles per minute using the AI-supported vision system.

The Hofmann Blechbearbeitung company won the Supplier Award for the third time. The employees were invited to a Supplier Day at Schubert, including a group lunch and a tour of the company.

Schubert honours partner companies at the Supplier League

As an innovation leader in the packaging industry, Gerhard Schubert GmbH understands the importance of long-term partnerships with suppliers in the region. With the now established and coveted Supplier Award, Schubert honours five companies that distinguished themselves with exceptionally consistent and outstanding performance during the previous year. Delivery performance, quality and reliability are decisive factors in the assessment.

(Left in the picture: The company Hofmann Blechbearbeitung)