Schubert Business Development GmbH

Gerald and Ralf Schubert establish Schubert Business Development GmbH

With Schubert Business Development GmbH, the Schubert brothers are opening a new chapter in strategic business development: While Gerhard Schubert GmbH is primarily known as a forerunner in modular packaging machines, the new company, which is independent from Schubert GmbH, aims to identify market trends and opportunities, and to promote and develop innovation for various industries. Furthermore, partnerships and equity investments with companies in the packaging sector will be pursued. Schubert Business Development is headed by shareholding partners Ralf and Gerald Schubert as well as Peter Gabriel, who will manage the newly founded company together with Gerald Schubert.

“We will develop new business models with existing partners in the packaging industry and explore entirely new approaches to diversify our current business in the packaging industry,” explains company founder Gerald Schubert. “Strategic collaborations with partners will be taken into consideration as well as investments in or acquisitions of start-up companies.”

According to Peter Gabriel, the approach is clearly “more than a think tank for modern production-oriented companies”. Schubert Business Development GmbH will support and promote start-ups – analytically, with ideas and financially as well. In doing so, it will not only support start-ups, but also promote investments in and the acquisition of existing companies.

The fact that successful entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit are part of the Schubert family’s DNA is reflected in the leadership role played by the machine manufacturer in the packaging industry, which also describes Gerald Schubert’s origins. Whether sustainable production processes in mechanical and plant engineering, digitalisation or innovative solutions in the field of automation – “in all these areas we see a need for experts who are not only deeply involved in the subject matter, but who can also promote creativity in the right place and correctly assess markets”. Furthermore, Schubert Business Development GmbH will facilitate collaborations that were previously not possible due to sector constraints. This is why company owners Gerald and Ralf Schubert not only talk about an exciting new challenge, but also about investing in the future, also for Gerhard Schubert GmbH. “Of course, we are also further expanding possibilities for diversification in the packaging field. There are still many opportunities here for investment in various segments of the packaging industry, in technology as well as in clever minds and engineering services.”

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Management of the new Schubert Business Development GmbH: Peter Gabriel, Gerald Schubert and Ralf Schubert (from left to right).