Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH

Generous donations also in 2019

5500 Euro for four social projects given by employees and management

Once again in 2019, Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH took advantage of its Christmas party to collect and donate money for social projects. This year, the staff decided to contribute to the “Sonnenschein” children’s and youth hospice service and the “HELP! We’re helping!” initiative.

750 euros were collected for each of the two projects – the amounts were generously doubled at the Schubert Packaging Systems Christmas party by the management of the parent company, Gerhard Schubert GmbH, so that 1500 euros could be distributed to each of the two projects.

In February 2020, the cheque was handed over to Elsbeth Kiesel from the “Sonnenschein” children's and youth hospice service. The cheque was presented on behalf of the company by Olaf Horrenberger (management) and Timo Hofer (technical department).

Additionally, in December 2019, instead of Christmas presents for its customers, Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH donated 2500 euros each to Crailsheimer Tafel and to the St. Raphael children’s and youth aid association.

Olaf Horrenberger (Schubert Packaging Systems), Elsbeth Kiesel (children’s and youth hospice service) and Timo Hofer (Schubert Packaging Systems) (from left to right)