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Looking resolutely to the future

Dear readers,

Even if we might sometimes wish that everything could stay the way it is, it is essential that we transform our economy if we are to stop climate change. Companies around the world will be facing fundamental changes in the coming years.

Last year, we were confronted with another very difficult change when, on 4 July 2023, we had to say goodbye forever to our founder Gerhard Schubert. What legacy has he passed on to us? His entrepreneurial success was always the result of foresight, ingenuity, determination and concern for the well-being of his employees. These values are timeless. And we are building on them more than ever in the face of the major challenges we are currently confronted with to carry his extraordinary life’s work into a sustainable future.

Transformation is part of what defines the Schubert Group, and we have already initiated numerous changes with our Mission Blue Sustainability Initiative. More energy-efficient machine technology, our new climate-neutral buildings, recyclable packaging solutions and our own day-care centre on the new Gerhard Schubert Campus are just a few examples. You can read plenty more about these and other innovations in this new issue of SEQUENCE.

This much is certain: Schubert’s inventive spirit will remain with us and our pride in the past will help us look to the future with courage and determination.

Marcel Kiessling, Ralf Schubert, Peter Gabriel

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