What is the secret of our success?

Highly flexible packaging machines with standard components

Flexible and modular — Schubert’s modular principle

The particular advantages of Schubert’s packaging machines lie in the machines’ modular system design and the ability to individually determine their scope of performance and tailor it to the customer’s needs. Eight standardised system components are combined into a robot-supported packaging system in accordance with the modular principle. Schubert’s packaging machines can essentially package any kind of product.


Modular principle

The components of our packaging machines

System components

Behind the packaging machines are the system components: highly flexible components such as robots for special tasks, the Vision System, our Transmodul transport robot, the Flowmodul flow-wrapping machine and the VMS packaging machine control system, which Schubert is continuously developing further.



TLM sub-machines are built from system components. The term “sub-machine” is a new one in mechanical engineering. It refers to self-contained, fully functional machines that incorporate one function of a complex packaging machine.



The robots in our packaging systems perform a wide range of tasks within the packaging process. They are equipped with specially constructed tools depending on the product and packaging task. The tools are designed to be highly flexible and can be quickly changed to meet requirements.


Schubert lightline

Preconfigured for standardised packaging tasks

Compact design, short delivery times, quick set-up and commissioning – this is what our Schubert lightline series stands for. If you want to efficiently automate standard packaging tasks with a limited number of format and packaging variants, and if you value high-quality machine design and construction, we have three preconfigured machine types for you to select from.

Schubert lightline