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Pick and Place Robots

Pick & place robots – technology for the future

If you want to pack more flexibly with pick & place robots, you need an experienced partner with the right robot technology. Only then can machine performance be scaled, formats expanded as required, packaging materials replaced by sustainable variants and quality always maintained at the highest level. With the pick & place robots in Schubert’s picker line, all of this comes together flawlessly: Various versatile robot types with quick-change tools process even highly sensitive products. The pick & place machines can easily switch between plastic and cardboard trays. An almost unlimited number of formats with and without trays can be implemented with Schubert technology. And the variable image processing monitors product quality in 3D as required.

Machines from the field with Pick & Place robots

Performance without any limitations

F4 Roboter in einer Pick and Place Maschine für kekse

Pick & place robots – used thousands of times worldwide

F4 robots

Developed and designed by Schubert based on the Scara principle, the four-axis F4 pick & place robot has proven itself over decades in many hundreds of picker lines worldwide. Its arm can accelerate at 10 G and reach speeds of up to 4.7 metres per second. Like all Schubert robots, it has interchangeable tools that make it exceptionally flexible: With the individually designed grippers or suckers, it can pick up any conceivable product and place it gently into a tray, chain or onto a single belt. The F4 robot is particularly well suited to wide or very wide product belts due to its large working area transverse to the running direction of the belt. This is especially true for pick & place machines that only require a tray or carton conveyor on one side.

T4 Roboter in einer Pick and Place Maschine für Kekse

Delta type for compressed performance

T4 robots

The design of the T4 robots and their related T5 robots is also from Schubert, based on the well-known Delta robot type. But with their specific kinematics, they differ from other robots on the market. Their limited rectangular working area makes them perfect for high performance in the smallest of spaces: Up to six of the T4 four-axis robots can work simultaneously in a single TLM frame. This means more output over a shorter distance, more flexibility in machine layout and ultimately more compact pick & place machines. Like the other pick & place robots from Schubert, the T4 usually works in a team and can be scaled as required. Thanks to the various F4 and T4/T5 robot types, Schubert can offer its customers the very best solution for their specific projects.

T5 Roboter in einer Pick and Place Maschine für Pralinen

A five-axis robot with a “kink”

T5 robots

Like the T4 robot from Schubert, the T5 variant also conforms to the Delta robot type. It has a fifth axis that can pivot and tilt products – ideal for pastries that need to be placed vertically into a tray, for example. The additional arm movement opens up greater flexibility in the packaging process as well as the possibility of making difficult sequences especially efficient and reliable. This guarantees product quality even in the case of more complex machine processes.

Pick & place robots – the experts for product diversity

Over the decades, pick & place robots from Schubert have handled almost every consistency of product. Whether freshly produced, warm from the oven, deep-frozen, already packaged or ‘naked’, whether sticky, greasy, fragile or sensitive to pressure – the range of goods that have passed through the robots’ tools is widely varied. Schubert passes this experience on to its customers giving them a clear advantage:

Gentle product handling and excellent packaging quality are a given with the flexible picker lines. This would not be possible without the customised robot tools and in-house image processing: The pick & place vision system only detects and picks up the perfect products on the infeed conveyor. Goods that do not meet the quality criteria are not picked up by the robots and are therefore not packed.



Fine pastries

Fine pastries



Baked goods

Baked goods

Cardboard trays

Cardboard trays

Frozen pasta

Frozen pasta

Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products




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Future-proof plug & play

Pick & place tools – built-in flexibility

Ever since Schubert introduced robotics to the packaging industry in the 1980s, robotic tools have become an integral part of packaging processes. This is because they have a direct influence on the flexibility and efficiency of a packaging line. Plug & play is intrinsic to the Schubert philosophy: Pick & place tools can be changed in a few simple steps and the packaging machine can start immediately afterwards without any loss of quality. The grippers or suction cups are also individually designed for each customer product. This improves the accuracy of fit and ensures a flawless packaging process without disruptions.

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Employee changes tool

A tool strategy with a flexible mix

To be able to carry out necessary format changes even more efficiently, Schubert has further developed its tool strategy and offers each customer an ideally adapted mix of adjustable and exchangeable tools. This also includes innovative solutions such as micromotors and new interchangeable levels.

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Frischli coffee capsules format part

3D tools for self-printing

With 3D printing, Schubert is opening up all the advantages of the digital tool world to its customers. Robot tools that can be freely designed even adapt perfectly to difficult product geometries. This increases the efficiency and quality of the packaging processes. The PARTBOX digital part streaming platform from Schubert Additive Solutions allows 3D format parts to be stored digitally and printed securely on your own 3D printer as required.

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