Schubert's pick and place robot selection: performance and flexibility at its best

Pick and Place Robots

A pick and place robot for every future challenge

To achieve greater flexibility in packaging with industrial robots for pick and place applications, partnering with a seasoned expert equipped with the appropriate robotic technology is crucial. This partnership is key to enhancing robot-based machine performance, increasing production, broadening the range of formats, transitioning to eco-friendly packaging materials, and upholding the highest standards of quality. Schubert's picker line of pick and place robots exemplifies this synergy. It features a selection of adaptable robots, each fitted with quick-change tools, capable of delicately handling even the most sensitive items at high speed. These robots are adept at transitioning between various types of trays, such as from plastic to cardboard, effortlessly. Schubert's advanced technology allows for the creation of a virtually limitless array of packaging formats, both with and without trays. Furthermore, the integrated variable image processing system ensures meticulous 3D quality monitoring of products, catering to specific requirements.

Machines from the field with Pick & Place robots

Performance without limitation

F4 Roboter in einer Pick and Place Maschine für kekse

Pick & place robots – used thousands of times worldwide

F4 robots

Developed and designed by Schubert based on the Scara principle, the four-axis F4 pick & place robot has proven itself over decades in many hundreds of picker lines worldwide. Its arm can accelerate at 10 G and reach speeds of up to 4.7 metres per second. Like all Schubert robots, it has interchangeable tools that make it exceptionally flexible: With the individually designed grippers or suckers, it can pick up any conceivable product and place it gently into a tray, chain or onto a single belt. The F4 robot is particularly well suited to wide or very wide product belts due to its large working area transverse to the running direction of the belt. This is especially true for pick & place machines that only require a tray or carton conveyor on one side.

T4 Roboter in einer Pick and Place Maschine für Kekse

Delta type for compressed performance

T4 robots

Originating from Schubert's innovative design, the T4 and its counterpart, the T5 robots, are inspired by the renowned Delta robot configuration. However, they stand apart in the market due to their unique kinematics. Their distinct rectangular working envelope is tailored for high-efficiency operations in limited spaces. In a single TLM frame, as many as six T4 four-axis robots can operate concurrently, enhancing output within a more compact area. This design not only boosts output over shorter distances but also allows for more flexible machine layouts, leading to more space-efficient pick & place machinery. Similar to other robots in Schubert's lineup, the T4 is typically deployed in teams and can be scaled according to project needs. With the diverse capabilities of the F4 and T4/T5 robot types, Schubert is well-equipped to deliver tailor-made solutions for a variety of customer-specific applications.

T5 Roboter in einer Pick and Place Maschine für Pralinen

Five-axis robot: adding a twist to precision

T5 robots

The T5 robot, part of Schubert's innovative lineup, shares its Delta robot type design with the T4 model. What sets the T5 apart is its fifth axis, enabling it to pivot and tilt products. This feature is particularly useful for delicately positioning items like pastries vertically into trays. The added arm movement significantly broadens the flexibility and efficiency of the packaging process, even making challenging sequences more streamlined and dependable. Such capabilities ensure the maintenance of product quality, even through complex machine operations.

Pick & place robots – masters of product variety

For decades, Schubert's pick & place robots have adeptly managed products of nearly every texture and state. From fresh, oven-warm items to deep-frozen, pre-packaged, or even bare products, and those that are sticky, oily, brittle, or pressure-sensitive – the diversity of items processed by these robots is extensive. Schubert's wealth of experience translates into significant benefits for its clients:

With these versatile picker lines, gentle handling of products and superior packaging quality are standard. This level of care and precision is achieved through tailor-made robot tools and advanced in-house visual processing technology. The pick & place vision system is designed for quality control: It identifies and selects only the flawless products on the input conveyor. Items failing to meet the set quality standards are not picked by the robots, ensuring only the best products are packaged.



Fine pastries

Fine pastries



Baked goods

Baked goods

Cardboard trays

Cardboard trays

Frozen pasta

Frozen pasta

Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products



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Advanced plug & play for the future

Pick & place tools – embedded versatility

Since pioneering the use of robotics in packaging during the 1980s, Schubert has seen robotic tools become essential in packaging lines, significantly enhancing their flexibility and efficiency. Embodying the Schubert ethos, plug & play functionality is a key feature: Pick & place tools are designed for quick and easy changes, allowing the packaging machinery to resume operations immediately, maintaining consistent quality. Each set of grippers or suction cups is custom crafted for individual customer products, enhancing the precision of the fit and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted packaging process.

Discover how format changes revolutionize pick & place machinery
Employee changes tool

Innovative Tool Strategy: A Blend of Flexibility and Efficiency

Schubert has evolved its approach to tool strategy, aiming for heightened efficiency in necessary format changes. Customers now benefit from a perfectly tailored mix of adjustable and interchangeable tools, enriched with cutting-edge innovations like micromotors and novel interchangeable components.

Explore Schubert’s revolutionary tool strategy
Frischli coffee capsules format part

Self-printed 3D tools: unlocking the potential of digital fabrication

Schubert is harnessing the power of 3D printing to bring the myriad benefits of digital tool creation to its clients. These customisable robot tools are adept at conforming to even the most challenging product shapes, enhancing both the efficiency and quality of packaging operations. Through Schubert Additive Solutions' PARTBOX digital part streaming platform, clients can digitally store 3D format parts and securely print them on-demand with their own 3D printers.

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