Product-specific robotic tools for any use

Heinz Brotz

Whether it’s greasy, crumbly, sticky or fragile, we build the robotic tool most suitable for your product and intended use.

This allows us to ensure that production is effective and potential sources of error are eliminated from the start. For this purpose, our tool development experts draw on their many years of expertise in designing grippers and suction cups.

The modular nature of our TLM technology means that your line can also easily be used to meet future requirements: for product and size changes only the robotic tools need to be adapted or replaced.

Here are some examples of our tool expertise spanning more than 50 years!

3D printing for parts manufacturing
Schubert has been using the latest 3D printing technology to manufacture its tools since 2014.

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to develop parts for our TLM machines with previously not achievable functions and characteristics. 3D printing also offers you crucial customer advantages: the weight of the parts can be reduced, thereby lowering process costs.

F4 pick-and-place robotic tools

F2 robotic tools

Erecting of folding boxes, folding cases and carton blanks

Loading of individual products

Filling of liquids

Closing of boxes, tubes, cans and cups