TLM technology
from the market leader

Flexibility, high efficiency and reliable technology are the hallmarks of the modular packaging machines from Gerhard Schubert GmbH.

For over 50 years, this innovative market leader from Germany has relied on simple mechanics and intelligent control technology in its digital packaging machines. Manufacturers in the confectionery, food, dairy, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries worldwide rely on the German packaging machine manufacturer and its robot technology. The eight system components of the TLM lines ensure a flexible machine design. This allows all the various functions, such as feeding, erecting, loading, lidding/closing, labelling and palletising, to be combined. Schubert’s service and planning team supports customers throughout the service life of their TLM lines in order to ensure maximum line efficiency. Where required, we take on responsibility for the execution of your project as a general contractor.

TLM-Packaging machines

A model for success

Flexibility, efficiency and reliable technology are the trademark of the TLM packaging machines from Gerhard Schubert GmbH. The modular design of the packaging machines, with their sophisticated mechanics and intelligent control, ensure overall equipment effectiveness.

Our technologies


Comprehensive planning

Schubert-Consulting’s team of experts supports manufacturers in a wide range of different projects through all the different phases – from theoretical planning to implementation and production with the finished line, as well as from the individual product line right the way up to the factory layout and greenfield projects. As a consulting expert, Schubert-Consulting offers market-oriented planning and new approaches


Complete turnkey concept

Manufacturers in different sectors need more than just one machine for their packaging tasks. This is why Schubert is there to support you as a partner with comprehensive turnkey solutions. We consider your process as a whole and develop concepts and overall solutions for lines as required. This goes beyond simply installing a packaging machine. Schubert provides solutions for highly complex challenges in secondary packaging and is also able to implement them itself.


Five pillars for your success

By procuring a Schubert TLM packaging machine, you have chosen to make a long-term, sustainable investment. With our service, we ensure the maximum availability of your line and provide you with high production reliability for the full service life of the line.