TLM sub-machines are constructed from the system components. The term “sub-machine” is a new one in engineering. It refers to self-contained, fully functional machines that incorporate one function of a complex packaging machine.

When TLM sub-machines are lined up and connected electrically, pneumatically and mechanically, they come together to make the TLM packaging system. The smallest TLM packaging machine might consist of a single sub-machine. On average, however, TLM machines are made up of 5.5 sub-machines. Large packaging systems bring this up to 11 to 15 sub-machines, and the largest system built to date is made up of 26 sub-machines.

The TLM box erector

This sub-machine has a swivelling blank magazine which is mounted to the front side of the machine instead of the otherwise standard safety doors. The actual magazine is an interchangeable part, meaning a size-dependent tool.

An F3 robot is used to remove the box blanks from the magazine. An F2 robot guides the blanks over gluing nozzles and effects the erection process. The maximum erection output is 120 boxes per minute.

The TLM grouping machine

This sub-machine assumes the job of picking up products which are fed on a continuously running conveyor belt as controlled by the Vision System and arranging them into product groups. It is equipped for this with two F4 robots which carry individual filling tools. Depending on the task, the products can also be placed directly into a packaging box. The output rate of the four F4 robots is approximately 400 transfer cycles per minute.

The TLM loading machine

The loading machine’s F2 robots carry individual loading tools, taking product groups either from a Transmodul or a grouping chain and placing them in packaging boxes or plastic trays. The maximum rate of an F2 robot is 30 transfer cycles per minute with a tool weight of up to 30 kg.

The TLM closing machine

For closing cartons, the F2 robot in the closing machine is fitted with an individual closing tool. Where boxes have to be closed with a separate lid, the closing machine is equipped with a swivelling magazine. The maximum lidding output is 25 cycles per minute, meaning that systems equipped with the maximum number of four closing tools can close 100 boxes per minute. Higher closing output rates are possible with larger closing machines.

The TLM palletiser

The palletising machine completes the TLM sub-machine system. It can be used to place finished packs straight onto a shipping or storage pallet. The P4 robot unit takes the packages from the Transmodul and places them on pallets. The maximum rate is 15 cycles per minute. The lifting power of the P4 is 100 kg, meaning that several packages can be gripped at the same time.