Technology system components

Behind the packaging machines are the system components: highly flexible components such as robots for special tasks, the Vision System, our Transmodul transport robot, the Flowmodul flow-wrapping machine and the VMS packaging machine control system, which Schubert is continuously developing further.

T4 and T5 robots

The T4 robot and its related T5 robot were developed specifically for performing packaging tasks in restricted spaces and are based on the well-known Delta robot type. Up to six pick and place robots can work simultaneously in a single TLM frame. This compact design represents a decisive advantage, especially when space in the production hall is limited. The T5 variant offers an option for machine packaging processes. It features a fifth axis with which products can be swivelled and tilted.

Vision system

Due to the wide ranges of products in picker lines, the Vision System works together with the TLM scanner which was specifically developed for packaging tasks. Scanners are built at 200 mm steps up a length of 1,800 mm.  

There are transmitted light scanners which record a shadow image of the products and reflected light scanners which look at the products. Reflected light scanners are also offered in a 3D design to evaluate height information. The TLM Vision System can evaluate up to 4,000 products per minute while carrying out an individual quality check.


The Flowmodul, the world’s first fully integrated packaging machine for flow-wraps, making it possible to package confectionery, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical items into flowpacks is as simple as never before.

The flow-wrapping component is fully integrated into the tried and tested top-loading packaging machine system, setting new standards for quality control, efficiency, space requirements and flexibility.