4YOU Technical Services: A fitness regime for packaging machines

Reliable, durable packaging machines are a must to ensure smooth, efficient production. Especially if manufacturers want to conserve resources; not only to save costs, but also to produce more sustainably in the long term. Schubert’s 4YOU Technical Services keep a line fit for many years – even as new requirements arise, such as the integration of additional formats.

The flexible modular design of the packaging machines facilitate service and enable conversions or extensions.

Due to their design, packaging systems from Schubert offer a decisive advantage right from the start: The modular machine concept consisting of sub-machines and system components is designed for maximum flexibility. First and foremost, this means quick format changes in everyday production, for example via plug and play when changing the robot tools. The easy-to-change components are exceptionally service-friendly during the necessary inspections and maintenance tasks. The topic of 3D printing is also playing an increasingly important role: Using the PARTBOX part streaming platform, even entirely new 3D format parts for other product formats can be printed in greater numbers in-house. In the long term, the flexible layout allows the packaging machine to be adapted to future realities such as alternative packaging materials, an increase in output or a retrofit. Solid construction with simple mechanics and intelligent control also contribute to a long service life, so that a modification is often worthwhile even for an older machine.

In terms of technical services, customers can have a tailored service package put together for them – ranging from service parts supply to system modification.

Individually tailored services

Schubert actively supports its customers with 4YOU Technical Services and experienced specialists throughout the entire process. In terms of technical services, customers can choose from service parts supply and component overhaul to inspection and maintenance, from training and education to line modification and rapid line fault clearance. Together with Schubert’s service experts, they decide which services are needed following a comprehensive situation analysis. Depending on the size of the company, employee expertise, production shifts, machine components and related framework parameters, this results in the definition of specific requirements. For example, a small manufacturer with only one production shift and a relatively simple machine will require different training and less maintenance than a large corporation with complex lines in a two-shift operation and an experienced maintenance team. A customised contract, the 4YOU Agreement, which includes the selected technical services, forms the basis for the service. For the service team, the focus is primarily on the customer and their specific needs. An exceptionally reliable packaging machine that is custom-tailored to specific requirements and sustainably exploits its potential over many years is, of course, an integral part of the package.

Service from Schubert

In the video you can see how the experts at Schubert implement such customer projects and which steps are taken. Katrin Ziegler, Process Manager Service, and Uwe Galm, Head of Service, present the Schubert service.

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A service that sets a new benchmark

With the inauguration of a modern training centre in Crailsheim, packaging machine manufacturer Schubert is laying the foundation for the expansion and relaunch of its training concept. To this end, the Schubert training team will be working closely with customers to develop new formats and content that are even more closely aligned with customer needs.