The Flowpacker – the flow-wrapping machine that delivers a new dimension of flexibility


Fast-moving markets such as the food industry or the cosmetics sector are demanding ever greater flexibility from manufacturers when it comes to new product formats and packaging materials. When packaging products into flowpacks, this can become a major challenge with conventional systems. With its integrated Flowpacker, Schubert has created an entirely different machine concept that is not only exceptionally flexible, but also more economical in the long term.

Manufacturers who want to survive in a fast-moving industry have to continuously adapt to the packaging requirements of the retail trade and therefore as a rule have to constantly invest in new packaging solutions. This is especially true for the FMCG sector. With this level of required flexibility, it is not easy to remain cost-effective in the long term. With the Flowpacker, Schubert delivers a unique answer to the major market challenges: The Flowpacker propels manufacturers into a new dimension of flexibility and offers them strong competitive advantages. The Flowpacker is a packaging machine which can adapt to all current and future trends over many years, making it a secure investment.

This is made possible by the unique machine concept: The Flowpacker from Schubert fully integrates the packaging process into a slim TLM line and combines it with upstream pick & place robots instead of long infeed belts. This combination of packaging functions and the integrated solution saves up to 70 per cent space in production. The system is many times more efficient than conventional flow-wrapping machines, since the entire packaging process runs without interfaces. So once again, Schubert’s tried & tested modular technology offers decisive advantages for the Flowpacker: Maximum flexibility, top quality and maximum efficiency.

Flexibility when packing into flowpacks – easier than ever before

A flow-wrapping machine with high flexibility enables manufacturers to respond quickly to new market requirements. And not only to clearly recognisable trends such as new materials and a wide range of formats, but also to future developments that are not yet foreseeable today. The greater the choice of products, materials, packaging formats and sealing technologies, the greater the probability of being ideally prepared to take on new tasks. Switching quickly between the most diverse formats is easier than ever with the Flowpacker.


The Flowpacker is many times more efficient than conventional flow-wrapping machines, as the entire packaging process runs without interfaces.

Highly flexible format changes with the Flowpacker

Composite films, recyclable mono films and paper-based films can be processed on the same line.

  • The pick & place robots can pick up every conceivable product from the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
  • Naked products or products placed in trays can be packed into flowpacks. As an alternative, U-boards or flat boards made of cardboard can be used. Virtually all product configurations are possible.
  • Thanks to individually developed high-quality forming shoulders, the Flowpacker processes all packaging materials: composite films as well as recyclable mono films or paper-based films.
  • Schubert enables both cold-sealing and its unique heat-sealing technology on the same line. An optional ultrasonic sealing unit is also available for the longitudinal seam
  • All format changes for carriers, robot tools, forming shoulders, film rolls or sealing technologies can be carried out quickly, partially automated and with a few simple steps.
  • The flow-wrapping machine’s output is scalable by different speeds, individually switchable pick & place robots, and easy extension with sub-machines.

High product quality – consistently achieved in the packaging machine

Quality is inextricably linked with Schubert, also with the Flowpacker. Even the Flowpacker’s machine concept stands for outstanding product quality. This is because packaging with pick & place robots is much gentler on sensitive products than conventional feeding of the goods over long belts. Integrated quality control guarantees that only perfect products are packed into the flowpacks. Due to the unique sealing technology, each individual flowpack is sealed optimally. At the end of the flow-wrapping machine, a high-quality product leaves the line in a perfect package.

Achieve the highest product quality with the Flowpacker

  • Pick & place robots eliminate the need for long, product-damaging transport routes via infeed belts.
  • Thanks to individual tools, the pick & place robots handle each product extremely gently. For unusual product shapes, Schubert offers precisely fitting 3D format parts.
  • Schubert’s image recognition system ensures that only flawless products are allowed to be packaged in order to meet the manufacturer’s quality features in every package.
  • The high-quality sealing technology provides optimally sealed flowpacks for cold-sealing and heat-sealing.
  • The flying cross-sealing unit enables precisely selectable, constant sealing times to be achieved for a perfect sealing seam.

Efficiency in the packaging process – maximised by the machine concept

The more efficient it is, the more cost-effective it is: The Flowpacker fulfils this equation in many respects. The integrated Flowpacker is unbeatably compact and makes all format changes much easier thanks to its interface-free concept. Because the safer and faster a format change can be carried out, the sooner the packaging process starts again in high quality after the change. This is why robot tools, sealing technology or packaging material can be exchanged with just a few simple steps and partially automated. This has been Schubert’s philosophy for decades – and it is reflected in the Flowpacker. Comprehensive OEE evaluation via the Schubert GRIPS.world platform also ensures optimum machine efficiency over the long term.

format changes

Automated and safe format changes such as the automatic ‘chain flight’ changeover or the automatic change of the film reel ensure fast start-up times without losses.


Automated and safe format changes such as the automatic ‘chain flight’ changeover or the automatic change of the film reel ensure fast start-up times without losses.

Pack your product even more efficiently into flowpacks with the Flowpacker

  • The flow-wrapping machine’s unique concept with upstream pick & place robots enables an integrated, interface-free solution.
  • The compact design in a single line saves up to 70 per cent space compared to conventional flow-wrapping machines.
  • Quality control via image recognition keeps the packaging process stable while reducing waste.
  • Automated and safe format changes, such as the automatic ‘chain flight’ changeover or the automatic change of the film reel, ensure fast start-up times without losses.
  • The integrated GS.Gate industrial gateway enables bundled OEE evaluation via the GRIPS.world platform.
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The Box Motion technology makes the packaging process in the flowpacker even more flexible.

Box Motion technology enables cross-sealing of the highest quality

ith Box Motion, Schubert is now expanding its portfolio in the area of sealing technology for the flowpacker: In addition to heat sealing technology with rotating sealing jaws, ultrasonic sealing with firmly closing sealing jaws can now also be used for cross-sealing. This opens up a whole range of advantages for packaging into flowpacks. For example, Box Motion enables a very high-quality seal seam as well as the processing of extremely thick high-barrier films and monofilms. Since the Box Motion unit is also very easy to change, it offers even more flexibility and future-proofing to manufacturers who use different flow-wrapping films. A Schubert flowpacker with the Box Motion process will be on show for the first time at the interpack 2023.


A sustainable competitive advantage for food manufacturers

The shift towards increasingly individualised packaging and sustainable materials is especially noticeable in the food industry. Companies that want to face these market trends with confidence need a high degree of flexibility in their production. With a Flowpacker from Schubert, manufacturers in the food sector can position themselves strongly to meet these and future requirements. This is because the robot-assisted flow-wrapping machine is so flexible that it can easily keep up with the new packaging trends. It is even possible to switch between conventional and recyclable films or trays on a single line. This is one of the reasons why a long-established manufacturer from France also packs its diverse range of biscuits and pastries with a new Flowpacker.