Schubert service in practice: Retrofit for packaging machines

You are using a Schubert machine and would like to package a new format? Your packaging machine should have more power? Or are you tempted to introduce digital analysis of machine data for predictive maintenance? Schubert Service is exactly the right partner for these and many other requirements. With the new 4YOU Services, the Schubert experts realise your project and put together a service package that is individually tailored to your wishes - such as the customer order from a large confectionery manufacturer for the relocation of its chocolate packing line.

When converting a praline packing line, the experts from Schubert Service integrated another frame into the line, among other things.

The market is constantly changing, all the more so in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. A packaging machine, on the other hand, lasts a decade or more. This constellation only remains economical and resource-saving if the plant can be adapted to new market requirements. This is usually not a problem for Schubert machines: The flexible modular concept of any number of machine frames and nine system components often makes a conversion uncomplicated and profitable, even after an already considerable service life.

How this can look in practice is shown by a current 4-in-1 project on a chocolate packing line of a large manufacturer: The first requirement was to move the 14 machine frames from one production hall to another. In addition, the plant was to be converted to a new format and an additional 15th frame was to be incorporated bringing a further two F4 robots to the process. The customer also wanted to integrate the GS.Gate industrial gateway into the machine in order to be able to optimise its processes in the future with the digital CARE services from Schubert. All four requirements had to be realised within six weeks in order to keep the machine's downtime as short as possible.

With the comprehensive 4YOU Services, Schubert accompanies its customers over the entire machine life cycle.

Individually tailored services

This meant an immense amount of planning and resources for the Schubert service. From the beginning, the service sales department took over the project management and controlled the progress with regular meetings between the customer and the individual service areas. From planning to implementation, everything was achieved in-house - the design, programming, pre-assembly, relocation and installation of the new components. Projects of this kind are a speciality of the Schubert Service: With proven processes and procedures, defined responsibilities and close teamwork, the experts carry out even complex conversions like those of the praline manufacturer within the specified timing and budget. Regular coordination with the customer is, of course, part of the process. "It is important for us to understand the customer," emphasises Uwe Galm, Head of Service. That is why every project is planned individually.

This applies just as much to regular servicing during the normal production operation of a packaging machine: "We always carry out an up-to-date inventory and compare it with the customer's goals. Only then do we put together a service package from our services that is then tailored to the customer and forms part of our contract, the 4YOU Agreement," explains Uwe Galm. Schubert supports its customers throughout the entire machine life cycle with its comprehensive 4YOU services. From project planning through to the start-up phase on to production; from conversions and machine relocations, as with this manufacturer; and to end-of-life management. Of course, the service centre with a contact for all enquiries as well as individual customer trainings are also part of the range of services available.

Profitable retrofit for more flexibility and performance

Since all four sub-projects in the conversion of the chocolate packing line build on each other, each process could be firmly scheduled and realised one after the other. Now the chocolate manufacturer is benefiting from the retrofit and the expansion of the packing line: The plant is even more flexible and efficient than before and, thanks to the modernisation, well equipped for future market requirements. The OEE evaluations via the integrated GS.Gate also help to monitor plant efficiency and offer the option of further CARE services.

You can see in the video how the experts at Schubert implement such customer projects and what steps are taken. Katrin Ziegler, Process Manager Service, and Uwe Galm, Division Manager Service, introduce the Schubert service.

In the video you can see how the experts at Schubert implement such customer projects and which steps are taken. Katrin Ziegler, Process Manager Service, and Uwe Galm, Head of Service, present the Schubert service.

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A customer uses Schubert's digital 4YOU services, which are integrated into the new customer portal, via his laptop.

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Functional, clear and multifaceted: Schubert customers now have everything under control with the new customer portal. At the interpack 2023 and for the very first time, Schubert’s service division showed how companies can best use and benefit from the portal, from purchasing to production to maintenance. The Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.

The Schubert customer portal uses a clear menu to guide the user to the packaging machine data.

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Functional, clear and multifaceted: With the new customer portal, Schubert customers now have everything under control. At the interpack 2023, Schubert Service will present how companies can ideally use and benefit from the portal – in all areas ranging from purchasing to production and maintenance. Schubert’s Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.