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Schubert returns to IBIE with a ultra-compact case packer

Schubert presents packaging machine for bakery products at IBIE 2022

„Charlotte, June 2022 – The Schubert Group will showcase its lightline Cartonpacker at the 2022 International Bakery Industry Exposition (IBIE) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 445. The preconfigured case packer offers Schubert’s proven robot-assisted technology with a very short delivery time. In a single compact machine frame, Schubert has condensed its decades of experience in handling case packing and developed an automation solution that delivers maximum availability and outstanding packaging quality.“

Schubert North America, a subsidiary of the German, family-owned leader in top loading packaging machines for bakery products, will represent the Schubert Group at the 2022 International Bakery Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas, September 18 – 21. The Schubert Group sees continued growth in the baked goods sector, especially in the North American market, and it is with this in mind, that the company will return to the 2022 IBIE show floor. “As one of the largest trade events for the grain-based foods industry, the IBIE is a one-stop shop for manufacturers in baking, and we are looking forward to sharing our latest innovations, insights and experience with the community”, explains Hartmut Siegel, CEO at Schubert North America.

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Top loading packaging machines for bakery products

It's all baked in

Schubert’s modular, robot-based, top-loading packaging machines (TLM) for bakery products enable bakers to produce cost-effectively and efficiently. Schubert will present its cutting-edge technology to solve requirements such as filling baked goods, quickly changing packaging formats, double-packaged products, product fragility, pressure and heat-sensitivity with Schubert’s market-leading robot technology. A highlight will be the lightline Cartonpacker on exhibit, an ultra-compact case packer for fast and efficient automation with a compact layout, smart price, fast delivery and commissioning. For manufacturers of baked goods, the lightline Cartonpacker is an ideal way to position themselves on the market quickly and sustainably with future-proof packaging processes. The lightline Cartonpacker on exhibit will demonstrate the packing of clamshells (clamshell packaging) filled with croissants into RSC cartons. Each RSC carton is loaded with four clamshells.

Modular, robot-based, top-loading packaging machines (TLM) for bakery products