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The lightline Cartonpacker – the ultra-compact case packer for fast, efficient automation!

Competitive pressures in fast-moving consumer markets such as food, confectionery, cosmetics or detergents and personal care products are enormous. And they continue to intensify: On the one hand, automation and digitalisation are fundamentally changing processes and value chains, and on the other, plastic as a packaging material is becoming more expensive for manufacturers and the subject of increasing criticism. Packaging solutions that are available at short notice, attractively priced and future-proof are required to master these challenges. With the lightline Cartonpacker, Schubert customers benefit from a cost-effective case packer to quickly automate their packaging processes with the most efficient technology on the market.

With the lightline Cartonpacker, less really is more. It is close to a ‘third’ less expensive, can be delivered a ‘third’ more quickly and requires a ‘third’ less space. As a preconfigured case packer, it offers Schubert’s proven robot-assisted technology at a significantly more affordable price and a very short delivery time of three to four months. In a single compact machine frame, Schubert has condensed its decades of experience in handling case packing and developed an automation solution that delivers maximum availability and outstanding packaging quality. For manufacturers of consumer goods, the lightline Cartonpacker is an ideal way to position themselves on the market quickly and sustainably with future-proof packaging processes.


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Case Study

The preconfigured case packer with a decisive efficiency advantage

Smart price

A third less expensive

With the lightline Cartonpacker for standard packaging tasks, manufacturers save close to a third on the purchase price compared to an individually configured Schubert case packer. With lightline solutions, a large part of the configuration is built in. Drawing on the accumulated expertise from countless case packers built, we have preconfigured a packaging machine which can effortlessly implement the most common process steps in case packing. This provides you with a highly affordable automation solution for specific product and packaging formats.

The lightline Cartonpacker offers a cost-effective automation solution for standard packaging tasks.



The fast delivery time allows manufacturers a shorter time-to-market.

Fast delivery and commissioning

A third faster delivery time

Because it is preconfigured, the lightline version of the case packer can be delivered in three to four months, which is almost a third faster than Schubert machines that have been individually configured. The compact packaging machine consists of a single frame and is delivered as a complete unit, which further speeds up commissioning. So you can use your lightline Cartonpacker within the shortest possible time, expand your capacities as needed and respond to current market trends with more flexibility.



Compact layout

A third less floor space

The lightline Cartonpacker packs products into cartons in the smallest possible space. The case packer’s erecting, filling and closing processes are carried out in a continuously controlled process. Products and cartons are guided robotically through each packaging step. Advanced robot technology ensures precise processing quality and enables an extremely compact machine layout that requires about a third less floor space than conventional solutions.

The compact packaging machine consists of a single frame and requires very little floor space.



Proven system components are built into the lightline Cartonpacker.

Proven quality

Schubert through and through

With the lightline series, you can count on 100% Schubert quality. The lightline Cartonpacker consists of the same system components from Schubert’s modular system which have been tried and tested thousands of times. The preconfigured case packer delivers the same outstanding quality, durability, availability and ease of handling – all the decisive advantages of a 100% Schubert machine.


So what would you like to package?

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Four product variants, four carton types

The preconfigured lightline Cartonpacker is available in four versions for four different carton types: trays, display cartons, RSC cartons and wrap-around cartons. The case packer is designed for one type of product at a time, e.g. bags, boxes, bottles or cans.
The lightline Cartonpacker is equipped with a suitable erecting, filling and sealing tool – depending on the carton type. Schubert offers flexibility within each machine variant: Each product type can be packaged in different format variants.



Fields of application

Which application do you need?

Ask our lightline experts about bringing your project to life! Feel free to send us a brief description, sketches and/or photographs. We will be happy to advise you in the context of a personal appointment.

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The sectors we work with

“We designed the very first machine in our lightline series for marzipan producer Niederegger.”

Technical details

  • One module, compact design
  • Available in 4 variants: for trays, trays with lids, wrap-around cartons and RSC cartons
  • Each designed for 1 product type: e.g. bags, cartons, bottles or cans
  • Output: up to 25 two-piece cartons per minute
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 metres
  • 3 F2 robots in operation


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Schubert lightline



What would you like to package?

We will be happy to verify the desired formats you can automate with the lightline Cartonpacker.

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