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Ein Casepacker setzt Deckel auf Kartontrays, die mit Gebäckstücken in Beuteln gefüllt sind

Case packers from Schubert – peak performance & reliable production

A case packer should accomplish one thing above all: pack ready-to-sell products securely, quickly and easily into shipping cartons. Food, baked goods and confectionery manufacturers all expect the best possible performance, as do beverage producers and the cosmetics industry. At the same time, the market and the retail trade are demanding a wide variety of packaging and constant adjustments. As a result, consumer goods manufacturers need packaging machines that offer an exceptionally high degree of flexibility. Even at maximum production output, the case packers also have to work with absolute reliability and without rejects.

In the best-case scenario, the packaging lines should also contribute to minimising a product’s carbon footprint, as the logistics lifecycle assessment is also becoming increasingly important. Cardboard is a packaging material with a high recycling rate. And even more sustainability gains can be achieved with material-saving cuts and tight filling of the packaging. Thanks to their robot-supported top-loading technology, Schubert’s modular case packers are the ideal solution to meet all these requirements. Whether seamlessly integrated into a complete line, or lean and fast as a stand-alone machine, they deliver outstanding reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

Cardboard, a Schubert strength from the very beginning

Cartonboard has been a Schubert area of expertise since 1966 – when company founder Gerhard Schubert invented the first carton erector. Since then, the company has continued to advance its technologies for erecting, filling and closing carton packaging with ground-breaking innovations, such as robot-assisted top-loading and the Transmodul transport robot. Schubert’s latest development, the Comfort Feeder in combination with the A6 erector, makes the fully automatic erection of flat blanks significantly more compact and easier than ever before.

You will always benefit from a Schubert case packer, as the modular machine concept is suitable for integration into complex, high-performance systems as well as for quick and easy automation at the end of a small manufacturing production line. Regardless of which case packer you need, Schubert’s advanced, tried & tested components guarantee a high-quality, efficient packaging process with gentle product handling and straightforward operation.

Gentle robot handling for sensitive goods

Robot technology – easy on your products and your staff

Be it glass, plastic or cardboard, bottles, bags, cans, blister packs or cartons – Schubert’s case packers can handle virtually all types of packaging. Customised robotic tools ensure a secure grip even with heavy products or unusual shapes. Robot technology can deal with liquid contents, breakable jars or sensitive surfaces. The Transmodul supports a smooth, efficient process with the help of customised format plates. They pick up packaging or products and transport them safely through the system. Gentle handling and packaging processes that are customised to each specific product reduce waste to a minimum and ensure that the lines remain an efficient, cost-effective investment.

High-performance case packer for pots with viscous content

A machine operator pushes a pallet of cardboard blanks into the Comfort Feeder.

Quick format changeovers and erecting straight from the pallet

As the last step in the packaging process, a case packer needs to adapt to current production requirements as quickly as possible. This calls for a simple format changeover via plug & play. And this is why we design our machines in such a way that they restart immediately in the same quality after switching to a different format – without the need for a start-up phase. Changing the dies on the robots requires just a few simple steps. At the same time, we are developing new feeding solutions such as the Comfort Feeder. It makes the constant manual refilling of the blank magazine redundant, as the blanks are pulled directly from the pallet for erection. This enables a case packer to work entirely autonomously for up to six hours.

A PARTBOX 3D printer with half-open cover

3D tools for in-house printing with the PARTBOX

Autonomy is also our maxim when it comes to robotic tools. Many of the tool components in the case packer can now be manufactured using the 3D printing process. This reduces weight, minimises wear and opens up new design possibilities – which you can leverage in your own production. With our PARTBOX 3D printing system, you can print your 3D format parts yourself using a PARTBOX printer. Our streaming platform gives you access to the packaging machine’s 3D format parts as well as newly developed tools, for example for other formats. Of course, we also supply you with the printing material. No waiting times, no delivery bottlenecks – you can get things done quickly and autonomously to keep your production processes running efficiently.

Packaging with maximum cost benefits

Space-saving, quickly available and cost-effective – a few more Schubert hallmarks! With us, you will find compelling solutions with innovative technology for both large and small automation systems. You can easily close your automation gaps with Schubert cobots, use our new high-performance Power Compact machine concept in the smallest of spaces or pack your products ready for transport with a lightline Cartonpacker to take on standard tasks. You can be confident that Schubert quality will always remain the same!


Power Compact – outstanding performance with the Comfort Feeder

The A6 erector inserts a cardboard blank into the designated tool for erecting.

Space constraints are by no means a rarity, especially in medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, setting up a fully automated high-output packaging process calls for special machine concepts. Under the name Power Compact, Schubert offers manufacturers extremely compact high-output packaging systems. One example is the case packer in combination with the Comfort Feeder. Feeding the flat blanks directly from the pallet by robot not only achieves 60 erected packs per minute, but is also extremely slim, user-friendly and cost-efficient thanks to the single-lane processing.

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The lightline Cartonpacker – only one machine frame needed

An overall view of a lightline Cartonpacker in a single machine frame

Up to one third less space required, less waiting time and lower investment costs: the lightline Cartonpacker is the quick answer for automating standard packaging tasks. All processes, from erecting the carton packs to filling them with products and closing them, take place in just one machine frame. The compact case packer can optionally process bottles, cans, pouches or cartons. Customers can also choose from four different types of packaging cartons: Trays, trays with lids, wrap-around cartons and RSC cartons. Thanks to the preconfigured machine layout, the lightline machine can not only be supplied at short notice and commissioned quickly, it is also extremely cost-effective.

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The tog.519 cobot – no need for programming

A cobot alternately picks up blue and pink confectionery bars from two conveyor belts and places them into mixed packs.

If you want a straightforward, flexible packaging solution, the Schubert tog.519 cobot is the right choice. Simply position it and let it run. The tog.519 transports packaged products into cartons quickly, reliably and steadily via pick & place. Its AI-supported image processing and high-performance robot technology enable a cycle of up to 90 products per minute. Without the need for complex programming, the cobot can directly pick unsorted products and place them precisely where they are needed. The pre-trained neural network immediately recognises what needs to be accomplished, even after a format change. For small and medium-sized manufacturers, it represents an ideal automation solution without requiring extensive knowledge and investment. For large companies, it is an ideal way to flexibly close automation gaps in production.

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Save even more with optimised packaging

Sometimes all it takes are just a few millimetres – but with thousands of packages being produced per day, the savings add up quickly. Schubert specialises in identifying and exploiting this potential in cardboard packaging. Our packaging development team will optimise your shipping cartons for machinability and minimum resource consumption – whether RSC boxes or American cases, wrap-around solutions, display cartons or folding cartons. On request, we will also develop entirely new packaging to standardise formats or save space.

25 per cent less packaging material

Two case packers, integrated into a single line, pack chocolate into boxes at Turkish manufacturer Tören. With an optimised box cut, Schubert reduced material consumption for this customer by as much as 25 per cent.

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Saving 30 per cent storage space

Schubert also developed the sales cartons for Ritter Sport’s famous square chocolate bars to ideally suit the case packer. They now only consist of one-piece, flat blanks, enabling Ritter Sport to save close to 30 per cent storage space.

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Case packers from Schubert for a wide range of consumer products

Whatever you would like to pack, the case packers from Schubert can do it all. Food products in a wide variety of primary packaging, sensitive baked goods, confectionery in flowpacks, beverages from small to large, cosmetic products of all kinds and even pet food – the possibilities are virtually endless. Find out more about our expertise in your sector here!

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Advanced technology

Several Transmoduls transport three opened cartons each, which are filled with ice lollies in parallel by robots.

The Transmodul guarantees seamless, efficient processes

The Transmodul is what makes case packing with Schubert so amazingly flexible and efficient. It combines all packaging steps into an extremely efficient overall process. Up to 32 transport modules can share one track and reliably transport their load to the next packaging station. Interchangeable format plates manufactured using 3D printing, for example, and vacuum technology ensure that the products and packaging are held securely in place.

More about the Transmodul
Two robots in a packaging line, one of which erects cardboard blanks and the other places candles in jars into the erected boxes.

Proven robot technology with an AI future

The two-axis F2 and the three-axis F3 in particular are our packaging robots for the case packer. Equipped with customised tools, they become specialists for erecting, filling and closing any plastic or cardboard packaging. With our AI-based Schubert Motion software, the robot movements can be further optimised to increase speed, low vibration or even energy efficiency in the future.

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Case packers are real team players within complete solutions

The case packers are just as modular and flexible as Schubert’s entire modular system. They can either function as stand-alone machines or be easily integrated into a packaging line. As part of a well-thought-out packaging process, they ensure that the final packaging process runs smoothly at the end of the line. Additional process steps can be integrated, as can special packaging requirements.

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Different types of cardboard packaging erected without glue using the Dotlock method

Uncover sustainable potential

We have always believed that there is potential for enhanced sustainability in every packaging process. And we can support you in many different ways to make your production more sustainable. Our packaging solutions combine advanced technology with extensive material expertise, packaging development with consulting services along the entire supply chain and big data with customised machine services. Whether you aim to reduce waste, save energy or switch to recycled packaging – we will develop the right solutions to ensure more sustainability in your packaging process!

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Technical details

  • Producing ready-to-ship cardboard packaging or reusable boxes
  • Carton formats: American case, tray, tray with lid, wrap-around
  • Single or multi-lane erection of the packages
  • Direct individual loading or product pre-grouping
  • Customised robotic tools, some 3D-printed
  • Scalable performance thanks to modular design
  • Can be integrated into a packaging line
  • More output thanks to optimised robotic movement and erecting with A6 carton erector
  • Digital services via the Schubert 4YOUconnect Platform

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