Packaging with more flexibility and more reliability

Packaging robots – our core competency

 A packaging robot simultaneously places four chocolate bars from above into three opened cardboard boxes.

Packaging robots: automation for the packaging industry

Bottlenecks in modern packaging machines are definitely a thing of the past. With robot technology, even complex tasks such as pick & place, changing product assortments and several process steps in a single line are easily mastered. Cobots, for example collaborating robots outside the lines, are also conquering the packaging industry. Schubert is your ideal partner for advanced robot technology: We have been spearheading the industry for decades with our packaging robots developed in-house – with customised tools, of course. Optimised to meet the very specific requirements in the packaging industry and ready for any application, Schubert robots bring more flexibility and reliability to your automated packaging – so that you can always rely on your packaging processes.

Robot technology for every application

Our packaging robots are exceptionally versatile co-workers that ensure controlled processes at a consistently high level inside, and with the tog.519 cobot also outside, the packaging machines. The automation solutions range from erecting, filling and closing or sealing a wide variety of packages, to pick & place applications and sealing flowpacks, to line integration of several packaging steps with Schubert’s Transmodul transport robot.


No more bottlenecks when erecting, filling and closing or sealing

Stacked biscuits in flowpacks are picked up simultaneously by a packaging robot in three groups of five and placed into cartons.

Erecting boxes, filling trays or putting on lids – with the articulated-arm robots, top-loading processes become reliable, fast and entirely independent of machine operators. The two-axis F2 and the three-axis F3 are our packaging robots for all applications. Both all-rounders have been tried and tested thousands of times on all continents and have their roots in our legendary SNC-F2 robot from 1984. As masters of boxes, cartons and trays, they remove packaging material from magazines, erect flat blanks, place the pre-grouped products into any type of plastic or cardboard packaging and ensure secure closing. Robust mechanics, reliable drives and outstanding performance are guaranteed for the F2 and F3 – even under continuous load. With our Schubert Motion software, speed, low vibration and energy efficiency can be increased even further in the future through optimised robot movements. All of this, of course, with individually designed tools that you can easily switch for quick format changes.

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Pick & place in a class of its own

Several pick & place robots take flat biscuits from a conveyor, stack them and place them in a chain.

Ideal for fragile and easily breakable products, optimised for working in confined spaces – the pick & place robots from Schubert are true space and motion artists. Either as articulated-arm robots such as our four-axis F4 robot or as delta types such as the T series: These packaging robots specialise in gently picking up and placing products of all shapes and consistencies. In combination with our vision system, they ensure that only high-quality goods are packed. All of these robots are real team players and can be combined to form high-performance solutions of 30, 40, 50 or even more packaging robots. Both robot types are also suitable for very compact systems: Up to six of our pick & place robots can operate simultaneously and in perfect coordination in a single machine frame. With the fifth axis on the T5, swivelling and tilting products is also not a problem – for bars or biscuits, for example.

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Absolute flexibility in your sealing processes

In a Schubert flowpacker, flowpacks with biscuits are sealed by means of a flying cross-sealing unit.

Our flowpacker is a perfect example of how we implement robot-supported integrated packaging solutions. In the flow-wrapping machine, the products are pre-grouped quickly, gently and flexibly by our pick & place robots for the Schubert Flowmodul, which makes the entire process extremely compact and efficient. However, it isn’t only the pick & place infeed that increases flexibility when packaging into flowpacks, but also our flying cross-sealing unit. It enables complete control over the duration of the sealing process during cross-sealing – accurate to the millisecond and always at a constant speed. The sealing unit compensates for fluctuating production speeds by moving freely along the production line. Thanks to precisely adjustable sealing times, changing flow-wrap films and sensitive paper-based materials or monofilms is never a problem. This opens up entirely new possibilities to implement more sustainable packaging solutions.

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For a perfect process flow: the Transmodul

The Transmodul transport robot moves biscuit tins in a packaging machine to the filling station.

Our Transmodul was the world’s first transport robot for packaging machines – and it continues to provide the connecting element in your processes today. Thanks to inductive energy supply and remote data transmission, the Transmodul can move more freely in packaging machines than virtually any other transport system. The vacuum blower holds boxes or products securely in place without any problems. Up to 32 modules can share a single track. This makes the entire system redundant for the first time in the history of packaging machines: Any failure of a transport module has no impact whatsoever on machine availability! For format changes, as before, only the format plates or transport tools on the Transmodul are exchanged– quickly, easily and very flexibly.

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Every grip is perfectly accurate: the cobot

The Schubert cobot picks up a part of a cosmetics pump bottle from a group of unsorted products on the conveyor belt.

Shortages of skilled workers, cost pressures and fierce competition – the Schubert cobot is the solution to all three problems. Hard-working, fast and reliable, it automates the infeed to packaging machines for lightweight products by means of pick & place. With a combination of state-of-the-art robot technology, image processing and AI (artificial intelligence), the cobot always has a complete overview and is never intimidated by lack of order: When reaching into the bin, it unerringly finds each product and places it exactly in its intended place. Here too, of course, you benefit from exceptionally gentle handling thanks to the customised tools. Easy handling thanks to pre-trained artificial intelligence in image processing also makes the cobot extraordinarily flexible. At the same time, its mobile design means that it can be used again and again at other locations in production – a huge step forward for your automated packaging processes.

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Schubert – the trailblazer in packaging robots

With Schubert, you’re working with the best possible partner. We were the first company in the world to develop and produce packaging robots for the packaging industry ourselves. Our credo is “From professionals for professionals”. Packaging robots from Schubert are designed to address the most pressing challenges faced by all FMCG companies that package food, cosmetics or even technical products: high cost pressures, shortages of skilled workers and the efficient use of raw materials through seamless quality control and minimisation of rejects. You’ll greatly benefit from smooth processes with a high degree of flexibility, even in terms of packaging types.

Thanks to in-house development, we ensure that all requirements can be met. Consistent digitalisation and customised adaptations of tools further boost our customers’ competitive advantage. Every day, an average of four new Schubert packaging robots are put into operation somewhere on the planet. That’s over 1,500 units per year.

In a single line, coffee cakes that have been shrink-wrapped are picked up by a packaging robot and placed into boxes.

Schubert Motion: Cutting-edge motion development

We are absolutely certain that the future lies in achieving the ideal combination of people, sensor technology, AI and robotics. And this is exactly what our Schubert Motion department in Dresden focuses on. At the dedicated location, our team specialising in robotics and AI uses state-of-the-art technologies to develop software for optimising our robot movements. Digital mapping of entire packaging processes, the networking of more and more machines and the evaluation of results by AI open up entirely new horizons when it comes to increasing efficiency. This applies to improving performance as well as energy consumption, where savings of up to 20 per cent can be achieved. That’s why we are constantly developing not only our robots, but also our in-house cloud and IoT solutions.

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A comprehensive system solution

Packaging is teamwork

Our packaging robots can do a lot, and there are so many of them available to you. But what really makes them unique is that they form a perfectly coordinated system thanks to the control and image processing software we also developed in-house. One that not only boosts the quality of the packaging process to a new level, but also its flexibility. Quite simply because Schubert robots work exclusively with our customised tools.

Eight coordinated robots in Delta design pick up chocolate biscuits from a wide product belt in a packaging machine.

Brains made of silicon: the control technology

To ensure that our packaging robots do exactly what they are supposed to, a lot of different information needs to be processed in the shortest possible time. Our vision system ensures the right image processing and our control system ensures the right implementation. And we use AI to make programming even easier in the future. Neural networks are already helping optimise robot paths with Schubert Motion and program the cobot. This creates solutions that greatly increase your competitiveness.

The watchful eye for quality: our vision system

The pick & place vision system recognises not only the quality, but also the position of products faster than a human being ever could. Even 5,000 products per minute are never a problem for our scanners with a working width ranging from 200 to 1,800 mm. And whether via incident light or 3D scanner, only flawless products are reported to the packaging robots and picked up by them. By detecting rejects in good time, you save time and money. Our systems are also skilled in the fine art of image processing – reaching into the disorder. We use this with the cobot, for example.

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The vision system from Schubert inspects the quality of the Mozart balls arriving on a conveyor belt in a packaging system from Reber.

Customised is always better: our robotic tools

Automation with robots makes a decisive contribution to your competitiveness. A smooth process flow, however, also calls for quick tool adjustments when changing formats and, above all, the right tools to ensure gentle handling. This is never a problem with Schubert packaging robots: Changing formats couldn’t be easier with our tools – and the packaging machine can then restart immediately with the highest level of precision. Thanks to individually adapted format parts, and of course even for delicate and fragile goods, with a minimum of waste. And you can now conveniently print new format sets or replacement tool parts in the highest quality on your premises.

Print 3D format parts yourself with the PARTBOX

Schubert also offers the real deal when it comes to tools: Whether greasy, crumbly, sticky or fragile products – we will design the perfect robot tool for your product and your application. Benefit from our experts’ many years of expertise, increase the efficiency of your operations and eliminate sources of error right from the start. With PARTBOX, you also gain access to your 3D format parts for self-printing – directly from our streaming platform to the PARTBOX printer on your premises. Of course, we will also supply you with the suitable raw material for additive manufacturing. No waiting times, no delivery bottlenecks – simply quick format changes with your perfectly customised tool.

A packaging robot grips a round biscuit tin with customised tools from the 3D printer and places it into another 3D format part on the Transmodul.

More sustainability thanks to automation

At Schubert, we are well aware of our responsibility towards nature, the environment and, of humankind. This is why sustainability not only plays an important role for us, but it has also become the cornerstone of everything we do. Thanks to our automation solutions with state-of-the-art robot technology, we can also support you on your way to a sustainable future. Whether to prevent rejects, save energy or make better use of resources, whether to use sustainable packaging materials or to ensure recyclability – you've come to the right place if you’re looking for greater sustainability in your packaging processes!

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Bahlsen’s Pick up! biscuits are packed into cardboard boxes by a packaging robot.