27 Jan 2021

Sequence 2021

In this issue of Sequence, you will find many examples of how we can support you in our partnership and how, together, we can set out on a journey towards a more sustainable world of packaging. You will find out more about new resource-efficient packaging, our in-house packaging development and our technical solutions for the use of sustainable materials.

13 Feb 2020

Sequence 2020

The future is connected, that’s what we at Schubert are convinced of. Automation and digitalisation are two buzzwords that have preoccupied the packaging industry for years. They motivate us at Schubert to bring new digital solutions and robotic technologies into the market that will inspire you and us. Find out more in the new issue of Sequence, the magazine about Schubert Packaging Machines.

26 Sep 2019

Lightline Pickerline

The lightline Pickerline focuses on key pick & place applications – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a Schubert TLM system. Thanks to the preconfigured sub-machines, the lightline Pickerline is not only more affordable, you also benefit from short delivery times and fast set-up.

26 Sep 2019

Lightline Flowpacker

Consisting of preconfigured sub-machines, the lightline Flowpacker packages naked, pre-packed or trayed products in flowpacks – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a Schubert TLM system. The attractively priced packaging machine is conceived for specific product and packaging formats.

26 Sep 2019

lightline Cartonpacker

With the lightline Cartonpacker, we are offering you an attractively priced packaging machine that is designed for specific product and packaging formats. Consisting of a single module, the machine packs products in cartons in the smallest of spaces – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a Schubert TLM system.

20 Feb 2019

Sequence 1/2019

Dear reader,

We have always stood out with our capacity for innovation, the high quality standards we set for all our processes and the appreciation that we show our customers, suppliers and employees. Our most recent accolades confirm that we are on the right track with this strategy.

22 Feb 2018

Sequence 1/2018

Dear readers,

Innovation is our passion and drive for sustainable growth. In 2017, we built 126 packaging systems for customers from a wide range of industries around the world, whereby we repeatedly installed our latest module, the Flowmodul. This success confirms the importance of our innovative technology in the marketplace, setting new standards in terms of flexibility.

26 Apr 2017

Sequence 1/2017

Dear Reader,

Last year, we began volume production of our top loading TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet. Since then, about half of all new machines we sell have this design.

05 Jun 2016

Sequence 1/2016

Dear readers,

Passion, courage and a pioneering spirit – this is what Schubert has embodied over the past 50 years.

03 Mar 2015

Sequence 1/2015

Dear Readers,

Schubert is an “idea factory”. We are never satisfied with the status quo. Instead, we always question how things are done and strive to continuously elevate the standard. This opens up new opportunities and raises the benchmark, which in turn helps us improve your competitiveness.

11 Feb 2014

Sequence 1/2014

Dear Reader,

in the industry, the name Schubert stands for quality, flexibility and innovation. The list of Schubert inventions seems endless.

07 Feb 2013

Sequence 1/2013

Dear Reader,

Continual development ensures that we always have a technological advantage which enables our customers to design their packaging processes to be ever more flexible, efficient and cost-effective. In 2012, 120 packaging lines were delivered. Schubert's principle of a simple mechanical system, intelligent control and swappable tools was applied consistently with each line.


02 Feb 2012

Sequence 1/2012

Dear Reader,

Exactly one year ago, we saw the number of incoming orders rise to twice the normal amount. In the months following last years Interpack we found ourselves in the same position again, despite being in the midst of another crisis. When I think about the crisis, I think of countries spending more than they earn.

07 Feb 2011

Sequence 1/2011

Dear Readers,

The year 2010 was quite a particular year for us. The year was characterized by the biggest financial crisis since World War II on the one hand, and by the most important development since top-loading machines exists on the other.

18 Jan 2010

Sequence 1/2010

Dear Reader,

Once again, I'm sitting here in Canada writing Sequence, a sign that yet another year has passed. One more precious year, a commodity of which we have too few. 2009 was a very eventful year. Apart from the economic crisis, a lot has happened over the past 12 months. You can read about the most important issues affecting Schubert here.